Drink of the Week: Flavored Teas

I love making sun tea when the weather turns warm.  So today when the sun came out, I rushed to grab my mason jars and lined up the wall with different flavor combinations.

Making sun tea is so easy!

You simply need a quart size jar.  Fill it with water and toss in your favorite teabags. I also like to add some flavored syrups to give it a little sweetness and make them unique.

Here I have three of my favorites :  Lavender Hibiscus, Pomagranate Mango, and a lovely dark caramel black tea. tea1

The lavender Hibiscus is a tea made from hibiscus leaves and flowers and I used some lavender food grade essential oils.

For the Pomegranate Mango, I used a white tea and added some pomegranate juice and mango syrup.  You really can sweeten this to your liking.

And the black caramel tea is a simple black tea and sweetened with caramel syrup.

So simple!




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