Summer Adventure Challenge

Summer challenge 1

Summer is almost here and I really wanted to do something different this year.

So many of us dream of doing more with our summer. Getting out, seeing new things, or just challenging ourselves to DO something.

Summer adventures don’t have to be just for kids. We adults love them too.  And this one doesn’t require that you hop a ship to Aruba. ( Though if you can, you totally should!)

It simply is a week to week challenge to get out, do something more.  Even if you are only challenging your mind to new experiences we want to hear about them.

Yes, this is actually Aruba. Thought there would be more people? ME TOO!

Starting this June and all through August I am going to post a weekly challenge that not only I am going to do and share my experiences with you, but I hope YOU will share your experiences too. I want to see your links, watch your videos, like your Instagrams!

We’ll use the hashtag #fireflysummer to follow each other’s adventure though blogging and social media.

This is about doing something fun this summer and I hope you will join us.

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Who is ready to do this?!


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