video Miley Cyrus Channels Summertime and Wanderlust

Like the seasons, Miley Cyrus has transformed herself from one stage to another.  This time she returns to the music scene with a new look, new sound, and new fans of her softer side. This new sound makes us think of summer days, road trips, and the desire to explore the world beyond our borders.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Miley’s trends.  I feel like she has enormous talent that sometimes got swept away by the rush of fame, lack of guidance, and frustration of all that was placed upon her. But she remained a fierce competitor and refused to allow her unique voice to be silenced.


I think like a lot of young women, we watched Miley struggle with her own identity and how she felt about being a strong female role model in a world that both praises sex and shames women for having it.

This new version of Miley is softer, feminine, and still uniquely Miley.

This new release is mature, delicate, even beautiful.  She has strength that she knows how to wield and at last maturity in restraint. Bravo!

So why talk about Miley here?  This song reminds me not only that summer is almost at our fingertips, but life is about transformations and reinventing ourselves with the seasons.  You don’t have to settle for being the same creature your whole life.  You have so many chances in life to take a look at what and who you are right now and go through your own metamorphosis and become exactly who you want to be next.

So be inspired today! Chase down the summer, pack your bags and wander as far as you desire! And maybe you’ll playlist will include Miley’s new song.

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies

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