When You Are Ready For Dinner In Seattle Don't Miss This Place

After a trip to Pike Place Market, some shopping and exploring, finding dinner in Seattle with local flavors, unique style, and the freshest seafood is a must. Etta's Seafood is just what you are looking for.

I love Etta's, not just for their smooth coconut cream pie and locally sourced seafood.  I think it has a simple menu, great staff, and the plates are a decent portion without the fluff.

However, be aware that Etta's can be a bit pricey.


Simple Without Losing Creativity

The menu isn’t huge.  But there is something for everyone.  And I enjoy the fact that when I ask to leave the bacon out of my meal there is no attitude involved.
The plates are full. That’s something that I am often disappointed with.  When you order you expect enough food to satisfy your hunger.  Yet  I’ve been left reaching for dessert even when I didn’t want it because the meal wasn’t enough. However, at Etta’s the portion sizes are human-sized.

Etta's offers a full bar and a view of the water. It's a lovely date night or place to bring new friends for a quiet dinner.

About the Chef

Chef Sam Burkhart is the talent behind Etta’s fantastic menu.  Sam started out at Etta’s moving from line to lead. He has poured blood, sweat, and I am sure a few tears into making Etta’s what we love it to be.  Now he’s Chef at both Etta’s and neighbor Seatown.
I love that Sam is a native to Washington and knows a little about exactly where and how the produce at Etta’s comes to the table.

Sam’s own parents owned Foxglove Herb Farm and sold flowers and produce. Sam’s Mother and Grandmother are to thank for teaching him to love cooking and instilled the value of sharing your culinary talents with family first.


Let’s talk Food!

Why a Tom Douglas restaurant? I am a big Tom Douglas fan. In fact, I think he might be one of my favorite local Chefs.  I love listening to his weekly podcast and I LOVE The Carlile Room also in Seattle.  So when a friend of ours came into town and asked for suggestions for a good seafood place, I had to suggest Etta’s.
When you have the availability to get high-quality locally sourced produce and fish from sustainable fisheries or freshly caught, you have to love it.  The difference can not only be seen in the beautiful colors, smells, and taste but it can be found in the pride of the restaurant themselves. Just ask anyone at Etta’s to tell you about the produce or the fish here, and you will be fully entertained with all of the detailed information they happily provide.

When we came in for dinner, we were really in the mood for something light.  So we skipped the appetizers and soups this time and went right for the main course.

Etta's “Rub with Love” Salmon – This lightly grilled coho salmon was delicately rubbed with Tom’s famous seasoning and served with flawlessly sautéed asparagus.  To be honest, I really have never been a fan of asparagus.  But these were faultless and I would highly recommend them. The cornbread pudding on the side was light and fluffy and perfect with the shiitake relish.


Crab Cakes –  Now having lived in Maryland for 15 years, I have had many different variations of crab cakes. But Etta’s might be my favorite because they start with fresh Dungeness crab, just a little mayo, and lightly make it into a  cake with little filler. So all you taste is the rich crab and it melts in your mouth. I’ve never had butter poached radishes before, but after these, I can’t wait to have them again. All of this was topped with a light honey-lemon crème Fraiche and a side of those wonderful asparagus spears.


Grilled Ahi Tuna – In Seattle Ahi Tuna is usually an Asian-inspired dish. However, at Etta’s, it is served with red lentil hummus and harissa glazed carrots. These have a Mediterranean flair, especially when topped with the light yogurt drizzle and mint.  Unusual and definitely worth recommending.


triple coconut cream pie- I had to try this after hearing Tom talk about it on the podcast the week before. I am so glad I did.  The pie is light and not too sweet. Then topped with shaved white chocolate curls, toasted coconut for a perfect ending to the night.

When in Seattle, you have to give Etta’s a try.

I love Seattle.  It is one of the most remarkable food cities around the world.  The produce, the fish, the unique styles, all work in perfect harmony.
After spending some time walking around the city, Etta’s is the place to land for dinner that you won’t forget.

Etta's Seafood

2020 Western Ave
Seattle, WA 98121 b/t Virginia St & Pike Pl

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