May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month


May is Lyme Disease Awareness month. Simply put, Lyme sucks.  There are so many different variations in each case of Lyme that it is extremely difficult to diagnose. This leaves so many people wandering from doctor to doctor asking what is wrong with them and fearing the worst.  Lyme is not the worst.

My Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease 13 years ago, after many years of asking “what’s wrong with me?” Finally I had an answer, yet the answer was and still in just as confusing as not having a diagnosis.

Living with Lyme disease is a constant battle. Sometimes you think you are on the winning side, your symptoms are light, you have a grip on your meds and treatment, and you actually feel pretty normal.

But there are also days and weeks that you are on the losing side. Those are the days when you feel like you can only take so much until you have had enough. The disease doesn’t let up, it is always trying something new. And you just have to put your head down and take the punches.

How you can win against Lyme

I have a great support team of family and friends who understand my disease and know when to make me laugh through it.

I know I am truly blessed to have them behind me cheering for me when I don’t know if I can push through the thick sticky pain of Fibromyalgia that came with my Lyme disease. I know I have a husband who will hold the world back for me as I push through one more day of feeling sluggish and sick until I can get back on my feet.

Every doctor I have ever talked to has told me that the only way to win against chronic Lyme is to keep a positive attitude. YOU have to want to fight, because Lyme feeds on your fears.

Herxing and making it through.

Through the years I have been a test subject for Lyme treatments. I have gone through the antibiotic treatments, been slapped around hard by the Herx reaction that comes with killing off large portions of the bacteria in my body.

I have an incredible physical therapy team that uses chiropractic and physical manipulation of my muscles and nerves in order to help me to feel better and keep the blood flowing strong.

Fidget Cube

I have tried several drugs that are supposed to help, Celebrex is my last resort when the inflammation and pain gets intolerable. Sadly, I am one of those people that does not tolerate pharmaceuticals well. I have a very low tolerance for meds.

In fact, in the last few years I haven’t even been able to get a flu shot as the Lyme tends to either mimic the flu or I somehow get a version of the flu that my doctor has teased me about having the “zombie flu” because technically you aren’t supposed to get sick from the flu shots.

The more you know, the better prepared you will be.

Anyways, for the next couple of weeks I want to share some stories, articles, and help people to become more Lyme aware. I hope you’ll learn something and won’t mind too much.

Have a great day,

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    • Thanks. I don’t like to give much thought and energy to Lyme. But there are a few times a year that I feel like I should help others become more aware that they are not alone. Thanks for reading!

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