Sharing Our Successes


Dear Readers,

YOU matter.

I've learned so much about blogging through the last few years and it is always amazing to me to see how far it has come.

I am proud to say we have had over 70,000 people checking out our blog.   We have had over 101,000 views to our posts.

I've posted just about 1,100 articles here on the blog and freelanced on dozens of other web magazines. And it still makes me smile when I hear about a new reader just discovering Dancing With Fireflies for the first time.

I also wanted to say a special thanks to all of our sponsors. Because of them I am able to dedicate more time to writing great content AND share cool coupons and deals with my readers. I love being about to be a full time writer and I'm able to do that because I have sponsors who also believe in my ability.  So thanks everyone!  Also… go click on those links and buy something.  😀  Joking… not really.. but maybe.  Look!  A coupon code

I love reading all of the comments.  Keep the comments coming!

We get to know you a little better and understand what you are wanting to read.  And I've met some really sweet readers that I enjoy having a quick conversation with.  We have some regular daily readers who add sunshine to our day with their fun comments and other bloggers who share their links with us so we can expand our blogging circle.


Around the world, Dancing with Fireflies is touching people.  I love looking at the map to see where all of you are.  From Australia to India, Washington to Florida, Thailand to Belize, our readers are everywhere.

We are thrilled to see that Twitter has really taken off for us and Instagram is booming.  We have only had Twitter for a year and I love how many times we are seeing great conversations started there.

Instagram is brand new.  I love being able to share the photos from our adventures directly to followers. It's also so much fun for us to see what YOU are sharing!

So thank you everyone for reading our blog, sharing your thoughts, and joining us on our adventures.

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies

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