Kauai: The Perfect Babymoon

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Kauai: The Perfect Babymoon

I really had never heard of a “babymoon” until reading this. But I love the idea and I love Kauai even more. This is a great post about my favorite Island.

Fabulous photos and I can’t believe she did so much while pregnant! WOW! Congrats to Ames and Drew, I look forward to reading more about your adventurous life.

~ Crysta ~

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Aloha friends! As most of you know (and definitely know if you follow me on Instagram) we just returned from our trip to Kauai, Hawaii. I wanted to do a trip recap + let you guys know how awesome Kauai and “babymoons” are.

I simply do not have enough great things to say about Kauai, so I’ll let the pictures do a lot of the talking. We both agreed it was easily our favorite vacation of all time and we’around 50 🙂 There are just too many places we want to see before repeating trips.

Babymoons are a must-do! The trip gave us a lot of time to talk about our upcoming addition, but also soak in the time just the two of us. We cherished our uninterpreted time. We also love taking a break from the long Wisconsin winter this time of year. I’ll never forget when +…

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