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Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

March is here now, almost April and I am in the spring cleaning mode. I just finished cleaning out the crap and taking back my office after it was a guest room for a while. I love having my work space back and enjoying how clean and lovely it is.


After a long hard winter, it's time to dust off and declutter both the mind and home.

Wow, this winter has been insane both mentally and weather wise. We had nothing but rain and snow from the end of September through March… and it is taking it's toll on everyone.

I was talking to a friend of mine this weekend about how this winter was really so depressing because we didn't have any sunny days to recharge our inner batteries and heat us up.

It's April and I am in the spring cleaning mode. I just finished cleaning out the crap and taking back my office after it was a guest room for a while. I love having my work space back and enjoying how clean and lovely it is.

When a space in my house is cluttered and gross it drives me crazy. Spring cleaning gives me that chance to take charge and make my home feel like a happy place.

Cleaning the clutter

Everyone has clutter than builds up and takes over.

Paper clutter is the worst.  I always think that I might need to look at something again and I pile it up. Annnnnd… never look at it again.  Time to file the receipts, toss the magazines, and just stop procrastinating on the rest.

This also goes for digital clutter.  I recently just cleaned out my phone and deleted so many photos!!

My Inbox and digital files are next.  Those are going to take a while but I know I'll feel so much better when I get them finished.

One hour at a time.

I like to set a time limit on how much time I am going to spend on any one area. This helps to keep me from burning out and getting bored.


Mental Spring Cleaning

Shit piles up in your head too and sometimes you just have to get in there and clean out the dark thoughts and move forward.

I think that putting things in order physically really helps me to clean out the thoughts that have been hanging around for too long.

What exactly happened? Did I say the wrong thing?

Scrubbing down the counters while cleaning out the mental trash is crazy helpful for heading into spring with a clear head and home.

But how??

I love to start my mental purging with some great music, chocolate, and turning off the “give a fucks.”


I mean really, if you have sad, frustrated, dark thoughts that have been lingering around for more than a couple of weeks that are just pissing you off. It's time to let them go.  OUT Damned spots! Out!  Let that crap go and move on!

If you can't change it, let it go.

If it isn't making you feel better, helping you, or empowering you, let it go.  Let that shit go!!

And on the bright side of cleaning your mind and your home, if you have a lot of mental clutter to get rid of, your house will be freaking shiny when you are done!

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Wardrobe Change

Face it.  Clothes don't last a lifetime and we won't always love them for multiple seasons.  So I refuse to spend a ton of cash on things that I know I won't want to keep for years.

Go through your closets and make three piles.




You really can clean out your whole closet and declutter your dressing time by really only keeping things you love and ditching the rest.

I take this as a seasonal challenge.  Get down to 50 items and then send the rest out of my life.  ( I do keep some super seasonal stuff.. coats, bathing suits, ect. under my bed. Those are things you can swap out and make more room in your closet. )

I just took 2 huge garbage bags full of clothes to the homeless camp and it feels so good to help those cool people who need extra help.  I had a bunch of men's t-shirts and stuff that was really cool to give and know that they were so appreciated.

Make a new happy place!

We had some extra people in the house for a bit. Thankfully they have moved on and the house feels fresh again.  While they were here, I found myself pretty much keeping to my bedroom and out of the way. It was easier than bumping into people and it was very hard to work at the kitchen table with the constant flow of people in and out.

I actually missed enjoying my whole home.

So now that we have more space, I am really enjoying creating new happy places throughout my home and garden. I went to Home Goods and indulged in some cute redecorating treats as well as some cool organizing dodads. It was nice, made it fun to get organized.


My room can go back to being a quiet retreat and not my office/living room/ laundry area/ hiding spot.

Where is your happy place in your house?  What can you do to spruce it up and make it fun again?

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies

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