Where do we go from here?  What's going to happen next?

Life often feels like it just moves so fast.  And yet other times it slows to a crawl.

Sometimes it feels like you are the little frog in the old game Frogger and trying to get to that happy place that you can see from your side of the road. But as soon as you step out to try to change your situation everything seems like it is coming at you and all you can do is hop out of the way.  And even places you thought were safe, people you thought you could trust, sometimes they turn out to be alligators ready to eat you up when you least expect it.

Today I want you to know, you are doing fine.  Keep taking your steps forward.  Don't lose sight of that happy place that you want to be surrounded by.

Slow down even for a moment. Drink some tea in a sunny window. Take a walk with a friend. And remember who you are and what makes you special.


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