5 Annoying Things on Facebook

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I love Facebook. I spend a great amount of my time scrolling down through the lives of my friends, family, classmates from 25 years ago that I have not had a real life conversation with in just as long, random celebrities, unusual people who like to post pictures of cats, and many many more.

I am just like so much of the country, a Facebook addict and I am not afraid to admit it! Sorta.. well.. it’s not that bad, I can stop at any time, but.. well, I have this condition and I neeeeed it!

However there are a few types of status updates that are annoying and if you are guilty of those updates I implore you seek help and make it stop.

Yay Me!  I’m so great!

If you post more than once a month how awesome you are at your job, how your boss just loves you and wants to make you his lap dog and strokes your ego, or how you are so much smarter than any of the other idiots you work with you need to stop.

Listen, nobody cares. If you have to tell people how  wonderful you are and what a rock star you are.. you are not. Your boss wants to give you little side projects so you will stop annoying the hell out of the people who actually do their jobs without needing a gold star.

My kid is the coolest, sweetest, most beautiful human being ever made and I pushed him out of my body after 68 grueling hours of labor 147 months ago, but he is so worth it!

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If you post more than once a month or week how awesome cute and silly your child/pet/ spouse/ car is.. you have to get out more. You have fallen into the awkward zombie brain that can’t think like a real human anymore.

Yeah yeah, your kid is cute and we know how proud you are that little Bobby hasn’t taken a chunk out of the teacher in 34 days. But for the love of Zod, please keep it to yourself!

Or take up a Fan Club page and those people who want to subscribe to your endless updates of how many poops your baby has had, who had to take little Jimmy Sue to the pediatrician for yet another check-up and what a good girl she was, and the all-time favorite list of foods baby will and will not eat today.

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I love babies. I like kids. I can even tolerate some tweens and teens! I don’t mind the occasional updates about your life and what’s going on with your family. I love when you share a few of your family photos and make us laugh with adorable Cheerios on the face. I actually really like the photos of your Baby Wonderful from month to month in front of those cute little signs or with the family pet. And those photos actually have a place where you can share details, this would be a good place to post photos and tell a little story about what’s going on in baby’s day.

I am sure I am going to get some ugly snarls from some of you who say “ If you don’t want to hear about how amazing my baby is, then maybe you should unfriend me and then you won’t have to read about my super fabulous wonderkid.”  If really it was as simple as that.. trust me, I would have done it already.

But the truth is that if you are still on my Facebook after months if not years of your endless updates it is because I actually respect your friendship and I don’t want to piss you off.. you don’t get a lot of sleep and you might just go off the deep end.

This is the last time EVER that I am going to put up with being treated like…

People who share their personal drama over Facebook and put things out there just to get attention. Yes, I understand that finding your wife “doing Laundry” with her Ex-lover might be a little upsetting and you really want to make her feel like crap so you are going to tell everyone how miserable you are and what a horrible cook she is might make you feel like you are getting your piece of revenge.

I also get that when you get caught playing “Find my latest piercing” you feel like you have to explain that this is just who you are and if people don’t like it that there must be something wrong with them because if they look at all of the people who are cheering for you in your Facebook world they would see just how awesome you are.

light it up blue

But I don’t care! Look, I don’t want to be a jerk, I just don’t want to read about your drama.  Since we are friends, according to Facebook, I will call you or invite you over and we can talk about what’s going on. Hell, I am a chick.. I’ll sit there and vent right along with you! You can tell me about what a terrible golfer he was and I can nod and tell you about that jerkface who keeps posting his awards and superior titles just to annoy me. I might even buy you a drink if the situation calls for it. Please just keep it off Facebook!

Buy My Crap!

I am all for sharing your newest business news, or entrepreneurial adventures.  I thing it is cool that there are so many options for people to try new ways to earn money. From time to time I will share a good deal from my sponsors with my personal Facebook friends or give them the link to an article I wrote that is doing really well and I want to share a victory.  However, the one thing that will get me to unfollow and maybe unfriend faster than anything is trying to push your baubles to everyone you know over Facebook, over and over and over.

Yeah, we know… you LOVE your charms, essential oils, or deals you can get us all on a new cell phone. But it is a turn off when we just want to see what’s new in your life and you are too busy trying to sell us something.

Well it’s done…

I’ve saved my biggest pet peeve of Facebook for last… vaguebooking. If you want attention, and I am pretty okay with the occasional attention seeking post, then just say it.  But don’t post these nonsense bait statuses!

If you have exciting news… say it!

“I can’t wait to tell everyone. But I can’t.”  – That’s just annoying

” If only they knew. ” – Stop it!

“Well there’s always tomorrow.” – For what??

“Best decision ever.” – Maybe you should really think about that.

Then you have 10 different people asking what’s going on and they aren’t getting anywhere.  And it is annoying to everyone else who might actually be interested, but now are just annoyed now.

So friends, keep up the silly cats dressed like Yoda, the ramblings of your favorite TV shows, and even the family vacation photos. You are awesome and I love being able to be a voyeur in your life through my digital window.

Now, it’s your turn.. what do you hate that people post on Facebook?



  1. My pet peeve on Facebook is the communication between couples, such as the “I love you, Babe”, “I miss you while you’re grocery shopping” or “I can’t wait for our trip” REALLY? Do these people not have a direct line to each other except Facebook? If they want to talk to their spouse, partner, significant other, etc., why not call or text? Their Facebook friends don’t want to see personal communication between couples on Facebook. We know they care about each other until we see a relationship status change. Rant over! Thank you! Loved your post! 🙂

    • HAHAHA! Yes, I agree! That’s a good one.

      Though I am guilty of tagging him for articles I believe my husband should read. However, I agree.. the ” I love my boyfriend soooooo much. #sogoodinbed ” has to stop. My eyes can’t always control my mouth!

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