How To Make The Perfect Cup of Coffee

I LOVE coffee.  But to be honest, I rarely have “The Perfect Cup” and when I do, that’s when the heavens open up and everything is right in the world.

The Perfect Cup, it’s something we coffee lovers are always seeking.  It’s the Holy Grail, the unicorn, the best orgasm ever.  However, James Radcliffe  claims to have not only have tasted the rare gem, but he shares that moment and how to recreate it.

My hand trembles while writing this, as I want to believe in this almost unimaginable achievement.  Yet, there it is… the directions and science behind it.

Could it be?

I do hope that like the Loch Ness Monster   dragon, that this is not a work of some demented mind.  Only further investigation will tell.

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies

ankit indian tapestries

Once upon a time…

On a sunny Sunday morning I made a change to the way I make my morning coffee.  Which is not that interesting.  What is interesting is: when I took the first taste I almost dropped the mug because it was soooooo good.  It was the best cup of coffee I could remember tasting.  Ever.  Dark, sensuous, chocolatey, rich and clear, with zero bitterness and a highway maximum caffeine wattage.

It was perfect.


Things are not SCIENCE unless they are repeatable.  So the next day I tried the same method and reaped just the same results; a smouldering whirlwind of orgasmically coffee-scented bliss.

When it worked for the third time I tweeted this:

…and promptly collapsed under the tsunami of messages saying: how?…

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