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Yep, they are everywhere.  From video game tantrums, Facebook comments, discussion boards, and yes even Food and Travel Blogs like mine. Trolls lurk wherever they think they can get the most attention. These rage quitters of life have nothing better in their lives than anger. No love, no joy, just bottom feeding off the success of others.

It is so tempting to call them out for what they are, sad and pathetic people with low self-esteem. They live to get a rise out of other people because it makes them feel better about living in the shadows of other people's success.

Here's the thing, what they have to say doesn't matter.  Every solid bridge has a troll or two lurking in their shadows hoping to ruin someone's day.  Don't let them.


Don't Take It Personal

My latest troll thought he could rattle me up because he'd read my blog and knew a few things. That's okay.  He can keep reading all he wants, my stats are up!  But I don't take it personal.

I know he's just a child with dirty toys and a mean mouth. Sorry PinkFloyd602 you need to get a job and stop doing so many drugs. I don't care about you. Really… does anyone?


I can't go taking it personal every time someone doesn't like me. It happens.  I have great self-esteem and I don't need some stranger's approval to feel good about my life or my successes. You shouldn't either.

The troll is the one with the problem, not you.  Don't let them get under your skin.Troll  The best people have the most trolls. That's because they are making a difference, they are standing up and being unique. They also know that when you are in the public eye, there will always be someone who tries to tear them apart for it. Success is a beautiful gem that everyone wants and some want to steal.

Take some time for yourself, move on, and let it go.

Instead of spending time thinking of what to respond with, redirect your thoughts to what actually means something. We are looking forward to a great family vacation and upcoming wedding.  THAT is far better to think about than what DramaLlama852 had to say about my last blog post or criticizing my life choices.

Set Your Boundaries

In life and in your professional life, know what your boundaries are. Don't be pushed into crossing them.

For my blog I have a strict policy of not allowing abusive comments.  Sorry Trolls… if you want to be a dick, you'll have to stick to your own platforms and not mine.  Most successful blogs all have similar rules in place.  No Spam and No Trolls.


If you feel the need to stand up to trolls, make sure you aren't pulled into their web of destruction. That's after all what they want.

I will not allow my readers to be abused by sick individuals. Nope, not here.  Reality32- you might have to preach to some other choir, because this one isn't for you. Think it isn't fair that your comments are automatically deleted and nobody will get to see your words of wisdom?  Too friggen bad. 🙂


Do Not Feed The Trolls

Nope.  Trolls get no airtime and no response.  You won't win a war with a troll because they are waiting for you to respond. The voices in their head have already given them all of the responses and tried to talk them out of pressing send.  Don't give them the attention they are craving.

According to Forbes.com in their article about Trolls a recent poll by Pew Research Center, discovered that 60% of respondents opted to ignore online harassment.  And it works!



Understand The Source

I'm not saying that you have to welcome trolls into your home and make them feel wanted. But practicing compassion with people who speak out of their ass is a learning moment.

Who are they?  What do they really want?

troll 7.jpg

Trolls aren't happy people and it shows with the things they choose to say to other people. From making fun of someone's weight loss or gain to trying to humiliate people who stand up to them, Trolls are really just shallow unhappy selfish people.

Some are mentally ill, some are drug addicts, or just drama whores looking to play victim when life doesn't go their way. Whatever the reason, this is a chance to learn about different types of people. But understand even if you try to understand where they are coming from, you aren't likely going to make friends.

Understand their dysfunction and you'll feel better about the nonsense.

For instance, that Troll that shouts about the things you write on your blog is likely devastated about their lack of direction in their life. He/She is jealous that you have figured out yours while they are still begging for handouts and stealing what breadcrumbs they can get.  Sorry Lass.. you can take your opinions and keep on walking.

You won't ever win with the Trolls. You just gotta make a stand that you won't be attending their pity party. You won't be negotiating with word terrorists. And live your life without fear of what other people think.

Don't let them win. Be You. Be Real. Take ownership of your life and love every moment of it.

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies

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