Being a writer is a dream. I love every moment that I get the chance to sit down and write something wonderful. I write because I love the art and craft of being a writer.

As a blogger I have the challenge of not only coming up with regular new content for my blog, but also making money from the blog in order to afford the many costs of actually running the blog.

So how do I make money blogging?


Finding sponsors can be tricky. My sponsors and I work together to come up with the best way to either post ads, coupons, or short blog posts in trade for compensation.

But you don't want to fill your blog with annoying ads that pop up and really distract from the hard work that you put in to make your blog look great.

I personally look at every Ad to make sure that it goes along with the flow of my site. Sometimes the ads just don't work and I have to choose which ones will fit in without standing out too badly.

Try to find banners that compliment colors and style.

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Sponsored Blog Posts

Sometimes one of my sponsors will have something special running in their shops we work together to write a sponsored blog post.

These posts are a little different from other posts, I spend more time writing a special blog post just for their event. I don't mind doing these special posts because it gives me a chance to change lanes as a writer as well as earn a little extra money for writing them.

I also accept sponsored blog posts directly from other management companies.

Writing for other websites

I love to write. That is pretty much all there is to it.  It is that passion for what I do that makes it possible for me to explore writing for other websites.

Yes, I have written for websites just for the exposure, even though it is so frustrating to see that the hard work that I put into writing something amazing for certain sites is lost to the big headline of the blog. However, I also see great value in writing for exposure and experience. Just about anyone these days can start a blog, write something, and so on. But that doesn't make them a quality writer.


I have loved writing for some freelance websites that actually focus on the talents of their writers and I feel valued as a contributor to their site. Making a little money per article, well that is pretty great too.

However you make your way as a writer, feel good about what you do.  Write for the love of writing and if you can turn it into a career, then love every single paycheck as if it were a million dollars. Because you have earned it with your gift and passion.


One of the cool things about working with sponsors is that you are the first one to know about sales, coupon codes, and other fun perks.

I get emails all the time about trying new products, sales and coupons, as well as suggestions for new places to travel to our try new restaurants.


It might not be a paycheck, but perks are a great way to offset costs.

Whatever you do, love what you do and be real.

Good Luck!




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