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There are a lot of blogs out there. Mommy blogs, Review blogs, make-up and photography blogs pop up every day.  Some make it, some have great content and gain readers.  Some don't.. the writer gets bored and eventually walks away. I love to write, I always have.  It was a great way to cope with life and stress.  I loved writing in diaries and little notebooks. All were filled with notes about life as I saw it.

I actually had to laugh as I was cleaning out some old boxes recently and came across a few of my old journals.  I loved how I was so passionate about my day-to-day events. There were song lyrics that stood out, cartoons that I drew, flower petals pressed into the pages. All of it took me back to those places in time. They were REAL.. meaning they didn't hold back, they captured the intense feelings that I was going through at the moment.

“I know I can do this. But life feels so hard right now.”

Being a blogger means you need to write, often, daily even. And sometimes it feels like you are doing this balance act of what you think the readers want to read about and what you actually want to write about. Sometimes you get into a routine of basics, reviews are easy because you have a platform to jump from, tutorials are pretty smooth because you just need to tell people how to do something cool.  But writing to be REAL is something completely different.

fear1For me these posts are both therapeutic and intensely painful to share. There is a need.. a deep throbbing need to write from the soul. But that is often held back by the voices that say ” What does that say about YOU?” or even worse…” If you write this, people will know.”

The other reason that I have a difficult time writing about some of the more personal things in my life, is that there is always going to be that one damned stalker that likes to sit there waiting for the moment that you write something personal so they can jump up and write a rant about how THEY feel and how mean and ugly I am.

Just recently a pathetic piece of trash got her sticky panties in a bunch and decided that trolling me would be fun. What she failed to realize is that I don't give a crap about her opinion. And we bloggers have the ability to auto-delete trolls. You don't have to leave bullshit on your blog.  Because trolls just want to see you upset. So kick their asses out in the snow and move on my friends.

That happens.  It's part of being a blogger, you are taking a risk with your personal pieces and sharing them with your readers.. you will be judged.  You won't always like the things they have to say.  It will sometimes feel like an attack. However, you aren't writing for the trolls, you write for those who want to enjoy your writing.  Some of your writing might make people uncomfortable, but that is also okay.  You don't have to please all of the people all of the time.

But when I feel like I am writing at my best, I am deeply real. I dance with the devil in the song of my words.  I rip off the coverings and show my scars. I do my best not to attack, that isn't who I am. Instead I expose the tender parts, knowing that some of my readers want.. and or need to see that they are not alone.

I have wonderful people from around the world who read this blog and comment.

“I really needed this.” Or people read the blog and want to share it. ” I have to show this to someone I know who is going through something similar, thank you for sharing.”

This is how I know when my blog is REAL.  These are the people who push me to ignore the crazy people and the stalkers and write about what I know best.

No. My blog isn't going to win awards or make me millions.  But if it helps one person out there to be brave and know that life does get better, then it is worth the drama.

Thank you all for reading, sharing, and being the drive I need to keep going and to push further than ever before.

~ Crysta ~

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31 thoughts on “How to know when your blog is real”

  1. Crysta – I’ve been writing for years now. It’s not until recently ( 8 days ago ) that I decided to self publish it via blog. Like you said, you know it’s real when you’re writing about your passion and you’re being authentic to yourself. Passion is contagious, and people can sniff out Un authentic material. Keep writing, your blog is very real.


    1. Thank you Erik. I am always proud of those of us who brave the wilderness of the internet and dare to open up a vein for passionate writing.

  2. Great post! I know I definitely hold back due to those very fears. It’s great you can write so honest and openly. Thanks for sharing and I love the positivity!

  3. Absolutely beautiful thoughts! I can’t believe that someone would troll you!? I feel like when I blog I always try to be real to myself and just talk about what I want to. If others choose to listen then that is great 🙂

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  5. Great post! I am a new blogger, so I am at the stage where it feels like I will never get a decent size audience, and I’m not even sure if I’m doing any of it right, but this post was very encouraging! Just reading this has made me want to follow your blog!

  6. Some great points you made in here, I loved reading it! You worded it so well and I love how you inspire bloggers to keep writing about their own stories. This is why I started my blog- for a love of writing and to share my story. If you get a chance it would mean so much to be to get some feedback on mine, it’s fairly new!

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