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Coffee Find- Caffe Fiore in Old Ballard, Washington

The smiling baristas know how to help you make the best selections.

Located in Ballard, one of Seattle's oldest neighborhoods, Caffe Fiore sits right off the main road on  5405 Leary Ave. Park your car, get out and walk around the winding streets in the neighborhood. There are charming boutiques, hip artist shops, and cozy pubs to explore.

Stepping through the front door of Caffe Fiore of one of Ballard’s historic buildings you are instantly greeted with the warmth, comfort, and unique vibe of this trendy coffee house. The rich aromas of freshly brewed 100% Certified Organic coffee beans fill the air, truly one of my favorite ways to get the day started.

When I went, my husband, I were on our way to the Farmer’s market around the corner. But I couldn’t resist popping in for a latte.

Stepping up to the counter the menu is not a large or overly complicated menu. The coffee is organic but the prices are not over inflated.  They have the standard coffee house items, a nice variety of sweets and treats, and cold drinks.

The true test is always asking the barista what the house specialty is. Is there something they would recommend? Surprisingly enough this question is often difficult for many baristas. But not for these ladies. “Try the Caramel Latte!”

Caffe Fiore - Ballard, Washington
The smiling baristas know how to help you make the best selections.

Their specialty, the Caramel latte is made with a rich flavorful caramel sauce made fresh by a local bakery right in Ballard. The buttery sweetness mixed with the creamy pulled milk blends exquisitely with the bold espresso.  The foam was beautifully marked and just the right depth.

Caffe Fiore is also very child-friendly, they have an adorable little nook just for kids, allowing parents to come and enjoy their special time and kids to take a break of their own.

You are also not far from Salmon Bay and the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, or locally known as the Ballard Locks. There you can not only see Carl S. English, Jr. Botanical Gardens, the Seattle's Lake Washington Ship Canal, but in the summer you can watch the salmon jump up the fish ladders.

There are a few good coffee shops in Ballard, Washington. But Caffe Fiore is actually amazing and worth making the effort.   Better yet, take your trip on a Sunday morning and check out the cool Farmer’s market around the corner.   Ballard is a fun artistic town with a great mixture of funky and fabulous, old and new. This is a must see area for those wanting to experience more of Seattle than just the downtown area.

Caffe Fiore - Coffee Review


  • Free WiFi
  • Plenty of seating
  • Food
  • Children's Play Area
  • Air conditioning

Address:5405 LEARY AVE NW  Seattle, WA 98107


Mon 6:00 am7:00 pm
Tue 6:00 am7:00 pm
Wed 6:00 am7:00 pm  
Thu 6:00 am7:00 pm
Fri 6:00 am7:00 pm
Sat 7:00 am7:00 pm
Sun 7:00 am6:00 pm


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