Vietnamese Summer Rolls


This is recipe is from one of my favorite food bloggers, Le Zoe. Her photos are amazing and the recipes are the best. If you love this recipe, please go check out the other incredible things she has on her blog and tell her we sent you.


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Summer rolls are one of the the easiest and healthiest foods to prepare. They are excellent as appetizers or if you eat enough of them; they are basically a well-rounded lunch alternative.

The beauty of Summer rolls is that you can make them out of anything! The combinations are endless. For this one, I used a few random stuff that I found in my fridge. This is not a typical Summer roll recipe for us since it doesn’t have pork or shrimp. But like I said, you can make them with anything that’s available.

Vietnamese Summer Rolls by Le Zoe Musings

For the sauce, I made a sweet and spicy fish sauce concoction.

Sweet and Spicy Fish sauce recipe: 1. In a small bowl, add a tablespoon of hot water and a teaspoon of sugar, stir to dissolve the sugar 2. Add a tablespoon of fish sauce 3. Squeeze in 1/3 lime or lemon juice 4. Add…

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