Latte of the Week: Almond Raspberry


I LOVE a good Latte.  At home I have a espresso machine and my husband and I love finding new flavors to try out. Admittedly I am the one more likely to try out a crazy flavor combo than he is, but together we have collected a lot of great recipes.

This morning I was making one of my favorites, the Almond Raspberry latte and I thought it would be really cool to share it with you.  Since I love collecting the recipes, I realized that it might be fun to share a new weekly flavor here on Dancing With Fireflies!

This one, an almond raspberry combo is not too tart, but has a nice fruity flavor that goes so smoothly with the almond and espresso.  It's a fun spring flavor and I hope you enjoy it!

Almond Raspberry Latte


  • 2 shot(s) espresso
  • 1 oz. Raspberry ( 2 pumps )
  • 1 oz. Almond Syrup ( 2 pumps )
  • Fill with steamed milk

1. Combine ingredients, except milk, in serving cup.

2. Stir and set aside.

3. Steam milk in pitcher.

4. Pour steamed milk into serving cup



February 20, 2017 at 8:36 am

I love latte 🙂 Great post.

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