I’m Exhausted!


We flew home last night from Ft. Lauderdale after an exciting and fun filled cruise to the Caribbean. But the flight home was both terrifying and long.

We left sunny Florida and thought we’d get home and get unpacked and ready to jump back to work.  Not so much.

Note: The Ft. Lauderdale airport feels like it doesn’t even belong in the US.  It is old, dirty, and apparently waiting 2 hours to drop off your bags is a thing.


Getting on was easy, I even got bumped to 1st class!

However, in Seattle we hit terrible storms and the roller coaster began.  We were tossed and turned in some frightening turbulence.  We approached the airport and pulled back up and circled for over and hour. Lights off and handrails gripped.

Babies were crying, men were watching the radar on their phones, and the crew mentioned we might be diverted to Portland.

When we finally got on ground we were stuck out there for 2 more hours because all flights were cancelled as the airport closed down. We had nowhere to go. When we did get out, it took a while to get our bags and drive home.


We have about a foot of snow.

I should be unpacking and doing laundry.  But I am so tired.  We didn’t get to bed til about 4am and I was up at 8am.

I need a nap… by the pool, with a drink.


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