Packing up- one legged!


Yup, just 4 weeks after surgery to correct my foot and leg issues, I am headed out on my first 2017 adventure. But I've realized this week a few things that have made me a bit slower.

You can't force healing on a timeline

When I talked to my doctor about how long I'd need to be in the boot before I could take it off he said 4 week.

Here is what I heard.  ” In 4 weeks your leg will be all fixed and feel free to move about the planet.”

Here is what he said after I said I was ready to take off the boot this week. “After 4 weeks, you can start to transition out of it. But stay off your feet as much as possible to avoid delaying that timeline. Also, it will take a few weeks to be fully out of the boot.”

What I heard after that. “blah blah blah.. you are never getting out of the boot. That feeling like a toddler clinging to your leg will never be over.”

Yesterday I was having a great day.  I went to physical therapy and was feeling pretty cocky.  I've been moving about and getting stuff done for my trip… when I actually tripped.

I tripped over the carpet on my front porch and even though I didn't fall to the ground, because my bad leg caught me, I was in terrible crazy pain.


I spent the rest of the day yesterday trying to get my leg to stop swelling, stop sending shooting pains into my foot, and to stop feeling like the biggest loser.

Today it is feeling a little better. But it is definitely not ready to have the boot off this weekend. The reality is, it was a setback and I need to take it easy.

So now I am rethinking what I am packing for my cruise this weekend. I am going to have this boot on probably most of the time except to go swim or lounge.

Dresses will work, but not long ones that I can possibly trip over.  I can still pack cute shoes  but I really only need one of each and they have to be tall enough that I am not off centered.

And as much as I wanted to get done this week, I am struggling to get them finished because really, my leg hurts and I want to stay off of it so it doesn't get worse.

Lowering my expectations

I had hoped that I'd be off and running by the time this trip came around. Truthfully, my foot feels better than it did pre-surgery.  However, my leg because I had the tendon and muscle lengthened hurts.. all the time. But my foot feels better!

Chances are I am going to have to take it easier on the tip than I had wanted. No hikes to see the caves, no long walks on the beach, and probably no snorkeling because my leg is just really sore and weak.


So what can I do?

  • Relax by the pool and call for fruity mixed drinks with umbrellas
  • Take long naps in the fresh warm air under the covered cabanas.
  • Catch up on some reading while watching the ocean waves.
  • Take in a movie.
  • Get a relaxing facial in the spa.
  • Daydream under white fluffy clouds in the adults only deck area.
  • Get room service and stay in bed for a long morning.

Life is what you make of it.

Sure, I'd love to be all fixed and ready for my trip.  But I am not going to stress about it. Most of everything I need or want is already packed. And I am going to have a great time, even if I don't get to explore as much as I had wanted.

Maybe I won't get to show off as much about what you should be seeing and doing while traveling to the Eastern Caribbean, but I'll be sure to have plenty of new tips and stories for you.

Hey, I have always loved pirates.  This trip I get to see what it would be like to be a sea gal with one good leg!

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies

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