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When I thought about what I wanted DF to evolve into this year I had a handful of ideas. Ideas like better recipes, more travel tips, special interest posts featuring topics like depression and weddings. But the more I thought of what Dancing With Fireflies is all about the one message that flies about is this.

Love the life you have. Find that special moment of each day, that spark, and let it light up the darkness.

We all have different lives, different political views, different backgrounds.  That is what makes us unique. It is those differences that give us a story to tell, something to share with others.


I write a lot about food and cooking here. In fact, many of you came to the blog looking for a recipe. I’m glad you came.  And what I hope you will leave with is more than how to make a great salad or kickass tofu, I hope you will leave with something else that makes you think about it later.

In the kitchen my husband often asks what he can do to help.  Yes, I know… that’s freaking amazing and I should keep him.  I plan on it. But most of the time I refuse, especially when I have something on my mind. Why?  Because the kitchen is my yoga studio, my place to create. When there are people reaching over, cleaning up, adding things to my creation, I lose that moment and it becomes something different.


For me, cooking is a kind of meditation. You’ll find me some days when I am at my happiest in the kitchen, music going, wine poured, and I am in my zone. My food shows that happiness when it gets to the table. I love the smells, the sounds, and the textures of cooking.  Breathe in the scents of fresh food and breathe out your frustrations.

When I am frazzled, angry, or just distracted, my cooking shows those emotions. Cooking a great meal demands that you BE HERE, RIGHT NOW.

From slowly stirring a delicate gravy to lightly flipping a beautiful egg without cracking that yoke, cooking is a mindful place when  you allow it to be. Don’t be afraid of your dish, let your dish take away your fears.


Here is what you’ll find and what I hope you will notice on DF:

  • No long stories before the recipes. Just getting right to the thing you came to see. No making you read about my dog, my leg, my great aunt.  Just the recipe.
  • If you want stories, you’ll find those here too.  But I won’t make you beg for the recipes.
  • I promise you will never see a photo of food with a bite out of it. That’s gross. NO. Food bloggers need to stop doing that. It’s nasty.
  • I travel often, usually with food in mind.  I’ll share my travel tips as well as great food gems I have found.
  • I won’t bash a restaurant… that’s pretty mean. If I don’t like it, I won’t review it.
  • I’ll do my best to try to recreate my favorite dishes from my travels and give you the recipes, how you can make it for your family for cheaper than dining out.
  • Most importantly, I’ll keep working to write the posts that mean something.  Sometimes those posts are about living with Lyme Disease and my struggle so that maybe I have help someone out there feel less alone. Maybe someone will read something I write about growing up with a parent with a terrible mental illness and they will relate in a way that brings them joy or at least relief. I’ll keep writing if you keep reading, sharing, and telling me in those comments what you want to see next. Deal?

“In fact, people who posses not magic at all can instill their home-cooked meals with love and security and health, transforming ingredients and bringing disparate people together as family and friends. There’s a reason that when opening one’s home to guests, the first thing you do is offer food and drink. Cooking is a kind of everyday magic.”
Juliet Blackwell

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies

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