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Hey everyone, I ran in today for a quick latte and had the chance to try the new Cascara latte at Starbucks.  It's a whole new game for Starbucks, they have gotten away from the sticky and into the sensual.


Sensual doesn't always mean sex.  However this drink has some very sexy sides to it. But it has more to do with the five senses.

  • Sight
  • Taste
  • Touch – texture
  • Hearing
  • Smell

To me a great food experience actually has all of those important features.  So does the new Cascara have all of those?


Starbucks - Cascara Latte.PNGImage: Starbucks

From the first glance, I love the lightness and ranges of caramel coloring.  It's very beautiful to look at.  It looks like a gourmet drink.

That first taste is my favorite.  It has a very subtle and delicate sweetness, that at first you don't really even think of as sweet but more of creamy goodness.  Unlike some of the holiday flavors were the syrup is the star, in this latte the espresso is the Adele of Starbuck's coffee flavors.

The texture of this drink is silk.  There isn't a harsh difference between the froth, the espresso and the syrup. It all blends together perfectly and it has a very nice mouth feel. Nothing too crunchy about the sprinkles and the tiny fruity tang at the end doesn't change the way you feel about the drink overall.

I know, it is hard to hear a latte.  Unless you, like me,  love to stand and listen to the grind and steaming as an experience.  However, the sound I actually notice is my own voice when I first tasted it.  “Ahhh”    That sound, it actually isn't even thought of.. it is almost a sigh of pleasure.  That's a great cup of coffee.

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The smell, you can't forget that. Taste and smell go together.  The rich warm milk ( I always go pure with milk and go with whole milk) when heated to the right temperature has a natural sweetness and you can smell when the milk is at that perfect place.  Blended with the lightly fruity scent of the espresso, it really smells like it should be sweeter than it actually is. But that's okay, because when you taste it you realize that you don't actually want it sticky sweet.

This is absolutely one of my favorite new drinks. You don't have to add anything, or reduce the syrup like I often do. It is great as it stands and I am happy I tried it.


One last thing…

When I started looking more into this drink I read more about what exactly a Cascara is and why it is important. What I found actually made me feel like I emotionally enjoy this drink even more.

Why?  Cascara is actually the fruity outer layer of the coffee cherry.  The Cascara or the outer part is usually discarded. It's trashed or composted. A huge waste!

what-is-cascara-img-03.jpgImage: Starbucks.com

However Starbucks has turned this often overlooked husk into something fantastic.  The cascara is actually sweet. In Ethiopia they use the husk and make it into a tea for drinking. Now it is being brought into the espresso world and coming

The fact that we’re using resources of something that would normally be thrown away, using that to actually create this beautiful beverage with a syrup, it’s very inspiring.
-Erin Marinan
product development manager

I really like that.  And it makes me have more of an emotional reaction that is very positive. It's something I'll remember about the coffee.  Good job Starbucks!

Have you tried the Cascara Latte? Let me know what you think!

* I was not in any way paid or asked to write this review. *


7 thoughts on “Starbuck’s new Cascara Latte – Take it or Leave it?”

      1. That it was not as bitter as I had feared. I thought it would be sort of dry-tasting, like my tongue would feel stripped after I swallowed, if you know what I mean. Instead, it was soft and cushy and has become my go to drink (unless I need a tea, in which case chai is the winner.)

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