On the mend – slowly

Last week after over a year of struggling with my foot I ended up having surgery.

What started off as a bad step down, then plantar fasciitis, then heel pain and months of physical therapy ended up with a bone spur and a very tight tendon in my foot and leg. So after going to physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, manual therapy, injections, and more, it was time to admit that I needed surgery.

Honestly, I think the idea of the surgery was far worse than the actual procedure. Getting the IV in was worse than the pain of the surgery. But I am glad it’s over.

Why did they have to paint my leg ORANGE??


My doctor cut and lengthened the tendon, and put me in a walking boot for 4 weeks.  It’s not bad.  BUT, it’s weird.  So I am hopping around from room to room on one leg, trying to be careful not to screw anything up in there.  And I am going stir crazy!

The worst part of surgery wasn’t the pain, it was actually feeling like I needed to ask for help doing the most routine things, like going to the bathroom and putting on clothes. I hate asking for help, and when I had to ask my hubby to help me take a shower and I just didn’t feel strong enough to stand there, I was very thankful to have someone who loves me enough to put up with all of that.  Being sick or injured is a very humbling experience.

It’s been almost a week since the surgery… well.. 5 days. I’m back in the kitchen thinking of new recipes and working here on the blog. I love being able to create new things and having to sit back and watch everyone doing things for me was REALLY hard.


The first thing I made was Garlic Shrimp and Green Beans.  YUM!  It was really easy, light, and not too hard to make in a few minutes, even on one leg.

Next I am thinking of cheesey tuna noodle casserole… I’m craving comfort food!

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies


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