Too many tears


I’ve slacked in writing lately.  To be completely honest, I just have been pretty sad, depressed and even a bit frustrated with the world and I just didn’t have anything I felt like writing.

2016 was brutal.

I lost both of my parents within a few months of each other this year.  And their passing has just left me in a state of chaos. I don’t even understand why actually. But there are days that something random reminds me of them and I just freaking lose it.

Music has always been my comfort place and without warning two of my favorites are just gone. Along with favorite actors and more, even they aren’t safe.

My beloved cat died in the middle of the night and I still think I hear her calling. It’s troubling. And my friends have lost their fur children and life without all of them seems colder.

Friends have moved away, others just faded away. The same with blood family, some have died and some have just drifted far far away. It’s been so hard.

It wasn’t just hard on my part. I watch close friends truly battling depression and feeling like they just won’t win. It’s everywhere.

I don’t know what’s next. 2016 has been awful.  So I’ve taken a few steps back.  The new year is so close.  I know I have a few great things planned for 2017 and the blog.  But for now, like the constant rain… my skies have been pretty dark and I’ve just needed to take some time to process.

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies
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