5 Things I Learned About Life by Binge Watching Game Of Thrones

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Everyone Dies.

That's the first and only thing I knew about Game of Thrones before I started watching it this summer. Everyone dies, some good and some bad. But everyone dies.

Why would I want to watch a show that everyone is either cheering about or crying about? And I didn't watch it until this summer when boredom drove me to it.  Then I was hooked.

After watching it all, I realized that there were a lot of really important life messages embedded in GoT.  Here are my favorites.

Yes, there are spoilers. And if you haven't watched GoT  yet, and you are reading this, you probably already know everything anyways.  It's been a year already, get over it.

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Everyone Dies

It's the first and loudest statement made. No matter how old, how young, how innocent, or how corrupt, everyone dies.  From innocent babies traded to the White Walkers to that creepy little bastard Joffery, everyone has a moment and then they die.  What you do with that moment is what defines your life.

Will you follow through with your promise? Will you be known for your honesty or your brutality?

A Mother's Love Is Powerful

Shop Holiday Gifts on Zazzle As a mother, this resonated with me.  There were so many strong mothers who did the unimaginable for their children.  They endured torture, walked across the country, stood in freezing temperatures, and all for the love of their children.

There is a moment in the 6th season where this is actually talked about, how a mother's love is the greatest gift she could give her child and how those who had that love shined.  And others envied those who had mothers who loved them.   Even when some of those children turned into awful little shits, their mothers looked at them like they hung the moon.

However, if your kid is like 8 and wants to see people die by falling out weird holes in the castle floor.. and you are still breastfeeding that little creep… I am not sure I can really respect you all that much for your motherly judgement.  Just sayin.

One Day You Might Be In A Castle and The Next In The Mud

Life changes.  You can be sitting with your family enjoying life and suddenly life changes and the next moment you could be crawling through the mud.  But it is your true heart that means something more valuable than gold or castles.

I love the character Arya Stark,  she went from being an adored little princess to one of the wisest and probably most badass characters on the show.  Why?  Because she didn't wallow in pity and got up off her ass to do what was right. Her list of who she wanted to kill was powerful… she seemed to be dealing with her anger and disappointment with the world and yet there were people that she ultimately forgave and took off her list. Forgiveness is not weakness.


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Love isn't Everything.

Hopeless romantics believe that “true love” is the most powerful emotion of them all.  But just like people change, so does love.  It isn't all roses and naked romps, sometimes it's folding laundry together and believing in the other person.

George R. R. Martin clearly isn't one who believes in happily ever after. There are few couples that remain in love for long.  Someone usually betrays the other, or someone dies, or someone tells the judges that you actually did murder your brother and then goes to sleep with your father.   Love isn't everything.

Respect Means More Than Gold

I actually love this one so much that I put it at the end.

There are people that I respect deeply in my life, a respect that feels similar to love but isn't.   This is a lesson played out over and over in GoT. Respect of your people, respect of your neighbors, and respect of yourself. All of these things are won when you are true to who you really are, when you follow through with what you promise, and when you are compassionate to others.

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It doesn't take miracles and dragons to command respect, sometimes it takes a pledge that you will follow through with a sworn promise.  Brienne of Tarth endures beatings, starving, and constant berating as she does her best to follow through with requests she's been given by those she respects, in turn she earns the respect of many.  Look at Hodor,  he endures one thing after another, and yet no matter the issue he is always there to defend and even carry the load for those he respects.

How many people do you know that would give their loyalty so much that they would actually die for the honor of following through with a promise?

I could probably go on with other lessons I've learned but like Game of Thrones, I've also learned that when you drone on and on about something people stop listening and start plotting how they will kill you.   But I'd love to hear a few of your life lessons learned by watching GoT or any other shows you enjoy.Shop Pura Vida Online


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