In the streets, in their schools, across the Internet, people are speaking up to voice their thoughts about the election results, racism, minorities, immigrants, LGBTQ rights, the future of abortion rights, healthcare reform, and more.  People are outraged and delighted. Families are divided, friends are in confrontation, and everyone has an opinion.

Today, Veteran's Day,  I ask you to stop and think about how lucky we are to have this freedom to voice our opinion openly.  It is because we live in a country where we believe in the right to speak up, to protest, to disagree with your own government.

We are free to choose what we will become, if we will serve in the military or another path.  We are not forced into military service, it is an honor that many of our brave young men and women gratefully accept because they love this country and they are willing to put their lives at risk to defend it. Our past and current military people deserve our up most respect.

I am endlessly grateful for those that have stood through heat, rain, fires, and floods to serve.  You deserve so much more than my respect.

In my life I have been lucky enough to have Marines, Air Force, Army, Navy, and even Coast Guard who have influenced my life and my thoughts.  All of them taught me  about respect, promises, honor, and standards because of their training and lessons they have learned while serving.   They also taught me fear as I stood watching with held breath as the news talked about wars and deaths where my friends and family were deployed. And relief when they returned.

Our military is not made up of  wealthy white Christian males, it is made up of all diversities,  all sexual preferences, men and women, all faiths. Our military is composed of immigrants and native-born Americans fighting to preserve the rights and freedoms of ALL who choose to call America home AND those who need our help.

Speak your mind, be proud of living in a free world.  Your rights have been guarded through the years by those who swore to protect this country and all that she holds dear.

To our heroic veterans, Thank You.

I ask that today  you treat each other kindly. Today instead of hate, frustration, and fear, please set that aside and thank a Veteran for their service. Honor them with peace.



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