Oh Canada! – Recipe for Canadian Spice Latte

Canadia Spice Latte Recipe

So the elections here in the United States are happening tomorrow. To many people’s  surprise, two of the most unlikely candidates have made it to the top and have been ball punching each other daily with snarky comments and underhanded attacks.

Many people have declared that if “He Who Likes His Name Too Much” wins they will be moving to Canada.

Why not? The people are delightful and sweet. The scenery is peaceful.  And well.. have you seen their Prime Minister, Justin Tredeau?  He’s making many Americans swoon with thoughts of Canada.

Oh Canada!
Image Credit: Wikipedia

So today, in honor of Canada we bring you my recipe the “Canadian Spice” latte. It is a little sweet, a little sassy, and a safe retreat from the elections.  Enjoy!

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies

Canadian Spice Latte


  • ¼ oz. Maple Spice
  • ¼ oz. Caramel Syrup
  • 2 shot(s) espresso

Fill with steamed milk
Garnish: dash of Cinnamon


1. Combine ingredients, except milk, in your coffee mug and set aside.

2.Steam milk to 135 degrees

3. Pour steamed milk into your mug , stirring lightly

4. Give it a little dash of cinnamon


  1. Around this time of year as I read blogs and other social media I come across friends in the USA and Canada spicing up their latte with pumpkin spice or Canadian spice. It’s just not done here (in Australia) from what I can see.


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