This week Starbucks released not only my favorite holiday flavors – Chestnut Praline Peppermint Mocha and Caramel Brulee.  But also, tried to bring some love and unity to its customers with a cup that is sparking conversations.

Get over it people! You don’t get to get outraged over art or paper cups.

The Green Cup – At its core concept, the company says the cup was meant to bring people together because they feel that we have recently been pulled apart and divided for many different reasons.  Seems nice enough.  But why are so many people crossing their arms and stomping their feet over a disposable cup?

Starbucks press room:

“The green cup and the design represent the connections Starbucks has as a community with its partners (employees) and customers. During a divisive time in our country, Starbucks wanted to create a symbol of unity as a reminder of our shared values, and the need to be good to each other,” said Howard Schultz, chairman and CEO.


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This isn’t even the Red holiday cup you are usually crying about. This is an entirely different cup and you are already gushing about crap that doesn’t even matter! Last year whiners went overboard about Starbuck’s holiday cup not having enough Jesus in their Java. I personally, as a Jew, didn’t find it offensive at all that their Christ was ever on my cup. I am there for the Mocha not the Man.  But to get your kringles all crispy because a paper cup didn’t give you enough church?  Yeah, again… stop it.

I just don’t understand why so many people are ready to be angry over something that isn’t offensive when every day they are surrounded by racists, sexist, jerkfaces. 

But a paper cup gets them so upset they will threaten to boycott?  Yes, please do.  The line is getting way too long and I’d like to enjoy my latte without your nonsense in my way.

morning latte.png

And about that art on the green cup? I love it.  I love the tiny details of people who matter, baristas, farmers, humans.  I love the lines, even if they don’t connect because it gives me something to think about and enjoy. 

I love Starbucks, I am a Seattle girl.  I love wanting to know what is in those mysterious boxes sitting by the tables marked “Do Not Open Til November 10th” because like a kid on Hanukkah I want to know what’s in them and take them out to enjoy.  I love the thrill of the holiday music playing while I wait for my decaf Chestnut Praline latte with whipped cream.  I love when they call out some name that almost sounds like mine and getting giddy when I check the cup and look around at all of the other excited people hoping I didn’t just swipe their double espresso full caff no sugar.  It’s the holidays!

There will always be trolls no matter where you go or what cup you chose.  Next week when the red cups come out, someone else will be upset.  It's life and I am thankful for being able to have an opinion and being free to express it.

Hey, maybe the green cup is in support of those like myself fighting Lyme Disease!  Yeah!  That's what it is.  And I love it even more.


2 thoughts on “Red Cup Green Cup – Who Cares? Where’s my Coffee?”

  1. This silly nonsense with the Starbucks cups is still going on? People are getting offended because of the *artwork* on the cup. So just checking: you don’t actually eat the cup, just drink out of it right? Talk about First World Problems. Somebody in these peoples miserable lives should have tried some intervention along the way and told them to drink a cup of STFU instead!

    Anecdotally: here in NY, most people aren’t in love with the coffee as you obviously are, but rather the idea that they can say and show and think that because they’re drinking Starbucks, they’re in some way superior to others (I know, crazy right…..but NY’ers are just a lot more jaded and blase about things like coffee, and life in general if I’m being honest). For this reason, I don’t patronize Starbucks. So when I hear about yet more silly nonsense concerning the cups, it makes me feel vindicated about my consumer choices. It also makes me want to stick my $2.59 DD cup in people’s faces. 😉

    1. Ha!! I love every work of this. It’s funny, before I moved to Seattle, I lived in Baltimore and I felt the same way. But Starbucks is sort of a way of life out here. So many of my friends and neighbors are part of the Starbucks family, that I adopted it as my guilty pleasure.

      But I do love a small coffee house with unique flavors. I just usually hate the risks taken with a $4.00 cup of coffee too. I know wherever I am in the world, Starbucks tastes exactly the same.. and when you are traveling as much as I do. A taste of home is sometimes the highlight of a long day.

      Thanks for reading and I really hope you come back again and let me know exactly what you think!

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