Weekly Writing Challenge – Who are you?

This week’s prompt asks you to define who you are.  Exactly WHO are you?  Do you like who you are?  Do you want to be someone different? Tell us!

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  1. northern most
    i don’t like who i am; and i don’t like the future.
    my girlfriend makes everything miserable…
    everything she touches turns to ash. we have a child together.
    i cannot imagine waking up or going to sleep away from my boy.
    i cannot imagine another man looking over ‘my’ son.
    i have yet to find a career. my job does not pay enough.
    only food, shopping, and clothes make her happy.
    she is empty; knows she’s bad but just believes ‘that’s life’.
    i am perplexed by thinking: we cannot continue to live unhappily
    and we cannot separate because she will take my son. life is my motherfucker.
    our little family is like an untended flower. her other son is acting up.
    he is getting older and rebelling against his mean mother.
    she does not seem to want to get better. she blows things out of proportion.
    life is falling apart and i am such a hard worker, honest, and loyal
    i do not understand this…i was completely open and honest; she lied.
    life is strange and unpredictable. there is no recipe, no pre-requisite.
    even if i make more money she will spend it. we are in debt but
    it does not seem to matter, or exist…i cannot tell you the rationale?
    i deal with it for my boy. i endure the tension, emptiness, and crude remarks,
    not, because i am weak but because i am strong…i endure them for my boy.
    i know we cannot live this way. i am running out of patience…
    we cannot continue on this destructive path, yet, i am not willing to let go of my son.
    i do not like who i am. i am nothing. i am living but i am not alive.
    i am a shell of a human being: responsible, hard-working, loving, affectionate,
    loyal; being misused by a careless partner who could criticize la pieta.
    my boy is all i see walking through the lowest levels of winter…my boy
    is like an enlightened buddha suspended in the coldest, northern most jagged
    regions of winter; the only light in all that cold; protected by laughter.

    • What an incredible piece! Well done!! There are some pieces of it that I love “my boy
      is like an enlightened buddha suspended in the coldest, northern most jagged
      regions of winter; the only light in all that cold; protected by laughter.”

      Very interesting style of writing. I hope to see more from you!

  2. I am who I am if you don’t like me you’re missing out on fun laughter. I love to have fun dancing hiking riding horses. I like me but there’s somethings I would change. My dream life is to live in the middle of the country freely with lots of horses and owning a horse ranch w a wood cabin house.

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