This Week’s Travel Snack – Salazon Chocolate Co.

snack1  I love chocolate and when I travel I like to take along a special treat for the long flight.  This week's treat was something new from Salazon Chocolate company.  I'd never heard of them before but after seeing their Sea Salted chocolate with Caramel, I had to try it.

What I found when I unwrapped the bar was pretty surprising actually.  You can SEE the sea salt right on the bar. I love that!

Also, the chocolate is smooth, rich, and has a delicate tartness that goes well with the sweet caramel.  The caramel doesn't overpower the flavor, it is subtle and somewhere in the background.  snack1.png

If you love salty and sweet, this is a great treat for you.  Just as handy, the pieces actually are small and easy to break off a small piece for now and save some for later.

EI found this one at a local gourmet market at $3.99.  A little pricey but still worth it for a nice adult treat.

You can find Salazon Chocolates online or in some gourmet venues.  You can also find them in Maryland at some of the Farmer's markets.  I lived in Maryland for 15 years before moving to Seattle.  So I love supporting local companies and the chocolate is fantastic.

If you try them, let me know!

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies



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