Travel Day – Breaux Bridge


I am on the plane headed to Louisiana today. I am so excited for this adventure because I am going to see my best friend, Brandon and we are going on a road trip to Austin, Texas! How cool is that?!

So far the travel has gone pretty smoothly. Thanks to Alaska Airlines and my Pre check, I was in the door and at the gate in about 10 minutes, including checking a suitcase.  No bad!

I packed my lunch, but sadly they had to move my bag and my lunch went with it.  So, I probably won't be getting lunch til I land in Dallas for my plane swap.  Oh well. I did manage to grab my chocolate bar before it left. Win!

I've never been to Louisiana before. But apparently my Father's relatives are from that areas and there's a place, Breaux Bridge that my father went to see.  He loved feeling “famous” because of his last name and meeting other people who knew how to pronounce his last name.

The story goes, as he told it to me several times, that he was driving through the area and saw the sign to Breaux Bridge.  Curious about this, he made a detour and headed to explore. Well he was getting gas and apparently it was a pay at the counter sort of place and he started talking to the guy at the counter about his name being Breaux. The guy called over the cop who was also there at the time and they talked for quite a while about the area and the Breaux family who founded the area.  When my father went to pay, the man said “This is on me, Mr. Breaux!  You are local royalty!”

My father told that story many times and each time he told it, he beamed with pride and excitement. There weren't many times that my father was treated like “royalty” and that moment meant so much to him.  I wish I'd been there with him, but he told the story so many times that it feels like in my memories I was.  On days like today, I wish he were here to tell me that story again.

Miss you Dad. 3 hearts

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies

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