I think we all have that “magic hour” but sometimes we have to watch that hour slowly slip away when it crosses into the “hour of hell.”

Recently I've noticed that my “magic hour” has turned into the time where everyone and anyone suddenly are attracted to my quiet time. From phone calls to barking dogs, I can't seem to get enough peace and quiet to enjoy my most creative time of the day.

Setting clear boundaries, not making excuses for taking personal time, and sticking with the routine are my rules for making more “ME” time. I know that I personally need to have this alone time in order to feel more satisfied with the life I've been blessed to have. But it's sometimes difficult when the world seems to be banging on the door trying to demand your attention.

Please enjoy this fantastic post on “The Magic Hour” by the beautiful blog Winsomehood


Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies

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