I had a star struck moment today. I am such a dork.

I am a huge fan of Problogger's Darren Rowse. I've written a few posts about my admiration of his work and I am a weekly follower of his podcasts. So when I joined his blogger's challenge group on Facebook a few weeks ago I was the biggest dork.


What I really enjoy most about the Problogger site and podcasts are the down to earth lessons on how to actually BE a better blogger, what you should and shouldn't be doing and some really useful challenges for all blog types.  Yes, it's fantastic and I could go on and on.

Okay, here is where my star struck moment happened.

In the challenge this week, we were asked to use embedded content for a post on our blogs. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is the content like videos, images from sites like Twitter, Instagram, ect.

So I wrote my fun little piece about Gluten Free Brownies. ( YUMMM! Go check it out!)


Then I posted the link to the group.  Now normally the links are pretty much buried under dozens of other posts and IF you get a facebook like, you are pretty sure it is just a curtesy.  But the effort is made anyways because well… that's the point of the challenge group, to share what you write.

Then THIS happened:


O M G!

I actually giggled like a little dorky girl and did what all nerdy bloggers do… I TWEETED about it.  That's when my dorkiness exploded.


What happened next was enough to make my whole day.


So cool.  Now.. I am having a good day.


Who is your favorite celebrity or idol? Have you ever met them or had a funny encounter?  Share!



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3 thoughts on “Star Struck – When your idols see you”

  1. My ‘star struck’ moment happened in 2013 during at a conference in Las Vegas where I was a student volunteer (I was so poor I could not attend otherwise). There was this gigantic shoe in the middle of the casino; the other girls I was with were taking a photo – when no other Jared Tristan Padalecki’s escorts walked him in front of our photo! He stopped, locked back and apologized; I still have not recovered from the hair flip as he turned and walked off into the lights.

  2. I was once so starstruck when a famous english comedian was behind me in a shop ..that I forgot my pin number at the till.Then he tutted at me! That did not help!!:0

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