I am so excited.  Today I realized that in 3 weeks I am going to see my best friend, Brandon.  I booked this trip months ago, but I've been so busy that it really just snuck up on me that this is really happening.

He is one of those people who can take my worst days and turn them around and show me the bright side.  We laugh at the jokes about being the friend who will help you hide the body, but I know he'd be the one making me laugh before that ever happened. He's cool and calm when I'm in a funk, and he knows when to just let me vent and be a cranky brat when I need to be.

Why is it so special?

I've never met my best friend in person.

Brandon and I have been best friends for 20 years, we text, chat, and call each other all the time, but we have never met in person, EVER.

We met online, through a chat site.  We found a really great connection, we are both writers and both love all things fantasy.  He and I began writing together and he is actually one of my favorite writers.  But, because of many crazy reasons he and I just haven't been able to make it work that we could meet up.

Now I know that many people find it hard to believe that friends of the opposite sex can make a true friendship work.  But he and I have proved that wrong.  We have both been married to other people throughout our friendship.  Yet we remained very close.

Yes, it's difficult sometimes not being able to hang out,  zone out with Netflix, or even to share a cup of coffee together. I am so thankful for the efforts that he makes to make sure we stay in contact.  Even while he was in the military, we always made sure we could send letters, quick phone calls, or video chats to stay close.

This year I decided to attend my first blogger's conference that happened to be a few hours away from where my BF lives. After excitedly telling him that I was attending we realized how easy it would be to finally meet up. And it is happening!

Having and keeping an online long distance relationship of any kind takes work, faith, and a lot of breathing.  Brandon and I have never been on the same time zone, so we have learned to be patient and wait for a response. I love that it always comes, sometimes a little slower than I'd like, but it always comes.

I am so thankful for the trust and understanding that my husband puts in me. I know it is a lot for some people to understand. But I am very lucky to have his love, his trust, and his faith in our relationship. His belief in me is extraordinary,  and I know that I am a better friend because of this.  

So in 3 weeks, I am heading to Louisiana!  I can't wait!

So look out for more updates about my amazing meet up and let me know if you have ever made an online friendship that can't be broken.

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies

6 thoughts on “He’s My Best Friend”

  1. I guess it’s true that your husband does place a lot of trust in you. But I find it strange…and sad for your husband….that he isn’t your best friend, but rather a member of the opposite sex that you’ve never met but have had a relationship with for 20 years is, and he’s ok with that. And you’re going to another city to meet up with this guy, like overnight?

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