Staying Still


One of the hardest things about living with a Chronic Illness like Lyme Disease is knowing when to get up and fight through it and when to listen to advice and lay low for a while.

This last week I was told that I needed to get off my feet for a few days so I could heal from a torn tendon in my foot that I have been having issues with now for over a year. And yes, because I didn’t listen and get off of it I managed to have a lovely flare up that is causing me all sorts of pain.  So, now I am stuck in bed and forced to stay off of it unless I’m hobbling to the bathroom.

Staying still feels lazy, frustrating, and out of my hands.  I thought at first how relaxing it would be to have some time to rest up, write a bit, maybe even level up my Plants VS Zombies characters.  However, this isn’t fun being left out of the walks my family enjoy, not being about to do something that everyone else takes for granted stinks!

It has helped me to reflect on how much we do every day that we just don’t really appreciate. And the struggles that so many go through in order to live their lives.

Yeah, that sounds pretty simple.

But the truth is that I think we all take the little things that we are able to do for granted, and when we are living life to the fullest, we all do.

Life always makes you take time to pause and reflect. You might not want to, but life will carve that time out.

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