Yesterday I went back to physical therapy for my foot.  I tore one of the tendons in my foot last year and I've been trying to get this thing fixed for a while.  I've had shots in my feet and nothing was working. So for the last 7 weeks I've been going to PT to get it stretched and healed properly.


Yesterday she said that she things I need to take a few days off from walking, standing, really anything that puts pressure on my foot. Not very easy to do, but it is something to try to get the inflammation and pain out.


I know I have a difficult time with inflammation due to my Lyme Disease.  And any area that is hurt or damaged seems to be where the pain settles and I have a really hard time getting over and healing. ( Another reason I've realized that I have become a germ-aphobe  because it takes me weeks to get over the common cold and it usually results in an infection. )


So for a bit, I am off my feet and trying to let it heal.


I've come to realize that getting off my feet completely is REALLY hard to stick with. I've already hobbled downstairs for breakfast and lunch, and I'm pretty cut off from everyone! ( Not a terrible thing when I really need to lock myself in and work. )


Yesterday it was sunny and I was able to spend most of the day on the outside couch, but today it is rainy here in Seattle and I had to move inside to a quiet place, which ended up being my bed. My dog, Wynter is loving the day in bed and hasn't moved. However I'm getting bored fast.  There might have to be a video game break in here at some point.


Let's hope that tomorrow she sees some improvement. Or else I am going to go crazy stuck in here!

– C


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3 thoughts on “Off my Feet”

  1. I hear you. For me what helps is just to be at peace with the situation. Can’t change it, so might as well get comfortable and look on the bright sides. Had to stay indoors in the height of summer due to a tick byte and lyme spot once. Got together with limey club and had a gran’ ol time. Laughing about trying not to fall down the stairs due to antibiotics and stuff. LOL.

    Acceptance, and finding fun things to do, can help. Have you tried crutches or a wheelchair? So you can roll about it, and do stuff?

    Get well soon 🙂

    1. Very good point. I’ve been sick with Lyme my whole life, after getting bitten as a child and not being treated for it. This isn’t the end of the world, just a little boring. I am headed to the doctor this afternoon to see about crutches. But thank you for your thoughts. At least I am not medicated and I can still write!

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