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As a blogger I am used to taking my office on the road. I've been on the beach with my toes in the sand while writing, I've been in mountain lodges sipping hot chocolate while editing, sometimes I'm even flying across the planet while doing a project.  So I'm not always grounded to one place.

At least it's quiet!

However, I usually have a home office to return to at the end of a trip.  I spend hours in there catching up and getting my head on.  As an introvert, I need to recharge in the sanctuary of my own quiet space.



Recently though, I had to move out of my office for a little while and I've been a bit displaced.  So my office is a lapdesk on my upper patio today, sometimes in the shade of the garden, or even a coffee shop down the road.  Having your own “private” space to write and work in is so important when you are a professional writer.


When you don't have your own space, trying to work on the kitchen table ( as I tried to do last week ) you are left in the center of everything going on.  Someone comes in and wants to talk, you feel obligated to stop and pay attention.  Someone is hungry, needs something, or just bored, and you are the one tending to those needs instead of your work.  And it is really hard to just try to ignore everyone and everything going on.  So I believe in that private space no matter where you have to carve it out.

Where is the strangest place you have ever made your office for the day?

Love, Crysta - Dancing With Fireflies

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  1. I know this feeling well! I used to have my own quiet space but since moving to Florida we haven’t had room for even a desk. I set up in common areas with organized bins I move about with me. It’s very distracting in the evenings when everyone is home. The oddest place I’ve worked has been a very busy local park! My little one was home and a promise is a promise even if work needs to be done. I packed up his things and mine, walked a mile away, then set up sitting atop a picnic table. I was surrounded by moms & dads with strollers snacks and very loud kids but proud I managed to get everything done and my son had a blast.

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