Today I am at the Neurologist talking to her about my tremors and headaches.

One of the most nerves racking parts of every doctor appointment is the waiting. Part nervousness, part fear or anxiety, and even a little boredom play into the frustration. I've been sitting here in the patient room now for 45 minutes and still no doctor. But I've read every poster or pamphlet in the room at least twice.

I am a little nervous about today's visit. Mainly because the brain really is a delicate and tricky thing. But even more, I think I am a bit scared of having something wrong with it.

A few years ago I started having migraines. I get the kind that are optical, they start in my eyes and spread. For a while they are only in my eyes, weird flashing lights, tunnel vision, then dark. The first time it happened I freaked out.

At the worst part of my battle with Lyme, my doctors believed that the Lyme bacteria had spread to my brain. I was slurring words, forgot names and my short term memory was terrible. I developed a tremor on my right side that eventually became wide spread. They ran tests looking for a tumor, tests looking for MS & Parkinson's. Eventually they determined that the bacteria infection was in my brain. I was put on high doses of antibiotics for 3 months.

At the end of that treatment my body was ransacked by the antibiotics and the herx reaction.

However the tremors never left, I still got migraines, and I still have some difficulty with speaking.

Today I am here to try to fix some of my tremors and small seizures. A cure for migraines would be cool too.

So after explaining it all to this new doctor, I am left with more questions than ever.  I am scheduled for a CT, a MRI, and some nerve tests.  Right now she said things are pointing to seizures being the cause for the disturbances.  But we will see!

Many Lyme survivors have also realized that Lyme can show up anywhere in the body. This is one of the reasons it is so difficult to diagnose Lyme Disease until it is too late.  From aches and pains to memory loss and headaches, Lyme is always changing and makes it hard for doctors to pinpoint the problem.

Even though I have learned to mitigate most of my symptoms, living with Lyme is never easy.

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