On Board with Cats

We are flying back from Baltimore with my oldest son’s two cats. Traveling with felines is a little different from my usual light travel load.

One of them has already calmed right down and is napping. But Marley is watching everything.

Going through security was so far, the biggest fuss. The cats had to come out of their carriers and be held through the security scans. They weren’t too fond of the security check craziness.

We were able to find small carriers that are comfortable for our medium sized cats. But they fit pretty smoothly under the seats.

Update:  The cats did just fine.  They settled in and napped the whole way.  Once we got home they shook it off and grabbed some food.  We had researched calming “treats” for the cats ahead of time, lavender and Benadryl. But we decided to just see how it went and we were very happy that we barely heard anything from either cat through the hole trip.

Now they are all settled in and taking over my house!  Cats.


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