As a blogger, part of my regular work is to read, listen, and learn as much as I can about my field of work. I really enjoy this exploration and I have learned so much about how to be a better blogger.

But not all of the blogging “experts” are created equal.  In fact, there are thousands of “How to Blog” creators out there but very few of true value.

However there are a few that stand out for both good and bad reasons.


This is absolutely my favorite go to place for inspiration about blogging as well as how to actually be better at running my business. I enjoy the personal stories, the things that he has learned from blogging that are not only good but the stories of what he'd done that didn't work out.

I think his blog is clear and easy to navigate.  I like the way it is set up where you can join him in several ways and if you just want to read it, you can do that with ease.

Darren makes me want to follow him and be a pro-blogger.

Daniela's blog is one of my go to blogs.  However the difference between her blog and Darren's blog is that finding the information I want to read is often difficult to find. Following her on Twitter or Facebook is the easiest way to actually find the articles. However her main sight makes my head spin a bit. So I try to stay away from just going to the main page.

If you do choose to follow her, you will find very interesting posts and I love her style.

Daniela definitely inspires me to keep pushing though to be a better blogger.  And I love her creative style.


This blog is good.  It has a lot of decent information and it is geared towards writers. But it can be a little bland. It is easy to navigate, it is simple to read.But it does lack some of the professional dynamics that I enjoy. However, I enjoy the articles and I do click on her posts through twitter.

Ali's blog is decent for reading on long plane rides.


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