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Dear people who pretend to be your friend and then talk shit about you on Facebook,

Wow, what a world we have turned into. People walk around spewing crap and pretending that they know what they are talking about all the while smiling and pretending they are your good friends.  How good it must make you feel to slam your friends in a public forum to get someone upset and then make fun of them. 

Here’s a thought, why don’t you educate yourself, stop acting like a jackass. Learn how to treat other people with respect, and get a life.  You aren’t special; you are just one of many in the community of jackassery who think that every word they say comes with a gold star. It doesn’t.  Treating other people like crap doesn’t make you a man, it makes you a jackass.

I am sick and tired of this platform, Facebook that has taught people that you no longer have to look someone in the eye to insult them or have a debate.  You can post your status, tag someone, and wait for the argument to come to you. Then sit there in your living room and smugly mock the people and make comments about them that you don’t have the balls to say to them in person.

Here’s the truth people… the real people in my life that I call my friends, don’t go around trying to piss you off.  Yeah, some make mistakes and feelings get hurt. But my real friends don’t start a fight just to see me get upset.  They value my friendship and wouldn’t put me out there on the internet just to make fun of me.  They are real, which is rare nowadays.

I have some amazing friends, people who call me to ask how I am feeling, people who fly across the country just to have a cup of coffee with me, friends that if I am having a bad day know just how to make me smile.  I have friends in my life who have known me since I was 15 who I call family. Sometimes even they make mistakes and take things too far.  However they would never publicly shame me in front of their friends, coworkers, and anyone else who wants to see.

Honestly, I am ashamed of some of the bullshit I have seen on Facebook this week by friends who thought it was funny to be an asshole to other people.  They thought it was greatly amusing to try to have a discussion about something they don’t know shit about and make fun of anyone who doesn’t agree with their stupidity.  I love the values they must pass on. They push their views even if they are wrong. They mock anyone who doesn’t agree and belittle their points with useless banter between people who will agree, and if that fails just be an asshole.

Stop using Facebook as the wall you hide behind so you can say whatever you want. Stop using it to stalk other people who have left you behind and are living their lives without you.  Stop thinking that your opinion matters.  And for god-sakes stop posting the stupid moments of your life that nobody   really cares about!  If you have to put out there how great you are at work, how awesome you are at managing to take care of your own damned kids, or pat yourself on the back for doing what the rest of us do daily with no praise at all, there is something wrong with you.

You don’t have to agree with me, and I am ok with that.  We can agree to disagree. That doesn’t mean that I am going to blast your name over Facebook and laugh about you behind your back, I’ll do it to your face.  If you care to have a conversation with me about this or any other post I have made, feel free to contact me and we will make time to talk about it… not over Facebook.

And.. THAT is how I feel about it.



23 thoughts on “Dear people who pretend to be your friend and then talk shit about you on Facebook,”

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  3. You go girl! What you say is absolutely the truth and it is hard to watch. What’s even worse, is watching the sheep that follow. There are always those people that demean and start an argument, but the ones who do it in front of an audience should be ashamed. Good for you for speaking up about it 😉

  4. This reminds me of something that happened to me. The difference? My ”friend” then went and became bestfriends with two snobbish popular girls because she knew i didnt really like them and then they started bullying me and now that girl is coming to my new school (yes I left that school), and she’s acting like my best friend. The worst part is that I don’t want to be mean to her so I don’t know what to do… I’m planning on ignoring her but if I know anything about her: It’s that with her you can either be her BFF or he Worst Enemy, nothing inbetween. and worst enemy means rumors and talking trash behind my back! Please can some one read this and help me!!! Because I honestly dont know what I’m going to do. It will be hard to ignore her because my class has a bit more than 15 kids and its the only class in my grade (small school)

    1. My dear I am so sorry you feel this way. Recently a young man I know was fearful about going to high school. He is small for his age, very sweet, and feels things deeply. He met a young woman living with Down’s Syndrome. She and he struck up a conversation and he asked her “Do you ever get picked on in High School?”

      She smiled and said “Yes! All the time. They make fun of my face, the way I talk, everything!”

      He asked her how she copes with being picked on and said he was sorry that it happened to her. But she shook her head.

      “Oh, I know that their comments are meaningless. It’s about them, not me. They are the ones insecure. I’m fantastic the way I am”

      In life you can’t control what other people say or do. You can only control how you feel and react in response. You take control back when you realize nothing anyone says actually matters when you don’t give it power over you.

      I do understand the power of social media and now more than ever it is just as much of a weapon and a connection. My best advice is never to feed the monsters, never respond to ignorance, and remember you are fabulous just the way you are.

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