Rain Boots – Getting ready


When most people think of Seattle weather, they think of rain.  And from December through June, that is exactly what we think too.

However the summers here are beautiful, dry, and even hot.  Okay.. maybe not hot.. the highest is about 92.  But the best time to get your rain boots is actually July!

Rainboots are a must have for living in the rainy weather.  I love my rainboots and I have a few pairs of them that I wear throughout the year. Investing in good, dry, comfortable rain boots is a must for living comfortably in the Seattle area.

This year I found a new brand, Bogs, that are very comfortable and soooo adorable.

On summer sale, I found them considerably cheaper.  So I tried them on and fell in love. Unlike some of my other boots, these don’t require an expensive liner or padding. They are soft on the inside, have a comfortable foot bed, and they lace up for better fit. I also like that even though they are soft on the side, they are 100% waterproof.

And for those days when the weather gets chilly, these are comfortable down to 5F.

I have some problems with one of my feet, I tore the tendon last summer and I’ve been struggling to find shoes that are both cute and comfortable.  I have been wearing orthopedic inserts and finding shoes that I can wear is really hard!  These are fabulous and worth the money.

Look out puddles, here I come!




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