So after spending a few hours setting up my new laptop, a replacement after my other one refused to work, I finally have time to get a new post up.

It's been a crazy summer, packed full of trips and fun, and now I have time to catch up… and I've got nothin!

That's one of the hard parts about being a blogger.  You have this routine of getting posts out, a schedule of things that need to be done, and you hope that when you are ready to get to work that your brain will instantly jump into writing mode and you can pop out a great article in 750-1000 words with a cool eye catching title and maybe even an awesomesauce graphic!  Sometimes that just isn't happening.

So instead today I'm going to share 5 great blogs for when your brain is on summer vacation and doesn't want to work.   Enjoy!

Footnotes and Finds –  I always love this blog. It's beautiful, creative, and these girls are darling! Footnotes and Finds is a lifestyle blog by Tript and Prabh, two sisters from Vancouver, B.C. Sisters by birth but best friends by choice, they spent all of their time together anyways and decided to turn their creative projects and conversations into a blog featuring fashion, travel, food, health, music and Bollywood.

ProBlogger – I am a huge fan of Darren Rowse and I try to catch his podcasts every time I am driving alone in my car. Sometimes I even have to pull over, grab paper and write things down that he is saying.  He is amazing and I am always inspired to be a better blogger after checking out his blog and podcasts.

My Dairy-Free Gluten Free Life This one has been a lifesaver for me.  For foodbloggers, check out how amazing this site is and how well it flows.  I love the recipes and the design makes me want to try everything.

Amanda Shofner this blog actually called out to me for her blog post – 7 Non-writing activities to boost creativity.  It's a great post and the blog is adorable and creative.  So I am sharing it with you.

The Millionares Digest is one of those blogs that will either get you to read a dozen posts, all very different, or it will drive you crazy.  The layout SUCKS.  But the posts are usually pretty good and I wander over there regularly.  From blogs about writing to blogs about healthy living.  There are hundreds of posts to choose from. And when I'm in a funk, it's an easy way to get the creativity moving.

I hope these help you to find your creativity today and get you moving.  If not, well.. you had a good time reading blogs today and tomorrow will be better.

Good luck!


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