I was recently requested to join a team of other writers who contribute their writing talents to a very well-known web group. When the request first came in, I initially rejected it. I am a writer, I write because that is my passion and who I am. But when I thought about it more, the offer and the possibilities I feel like this is a door that I want to go through. But an Expert? Is that who I am?

Writing has never been about making money or becoming famous. To be honest, I am so introverted that I tend to tell myself that nobody ever reads my articles. I write about very personal topics, mental health, depression, grief, abuse, and topics that aren’t headlining the Mommy Blogs. Knowing that there are thousands of people, strangers, who read my thoughts about life and the world as I see it was a bit intimidating.

After I accepted the slot and I have finished filling out all of my info I got the welcome letter congratulating me on becoming one of their “expert writers” and for some reason that title just seemed so unlike me. I’ve never been called an expert. But I really like the idea of the challenge, writing things beyond my comfort zone and on a schedule. There is this level of accountability that I appreciate when you owe an article for submission. I’ve written for pro blogs. I enjoy that challenging side to writing on a specific topic and adding my own voice to the choir of writers.   Getting a paycheck as a reward for finishing is also pretty great.

So things will change a bit. I know I will have more writing to contribute, more blogs to write, and that’s a great thing for Dancing with Fireflies because that means I have the chance to actually write more pieces for DWF, but also the fine tuning of my skills when matched with an editor and a design team. I have a community of fellow writers to brainstorm with, other people to ask questions of, and more importantly this huge boost of confidence to my writing.

Wow, there are so many crazy thoughts running through my head. It’s both terrifying and exciting to take the next steps in my work and like a promotion, I feel like this is encouraging to hear that others like my work and are willing to give me not only a cool title but promote my articles to their readers.

Now I just need to get my head together and write something really cool. I hate being the new kid!



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