Cleaning up your Blogging Act

When I started blogging a few years ago I was a wild child. I ran through the internet writing about everything and anything with reckless abandon. I wrote short stories, recipes, advice columns, trip blogs, health pieces, you name it and I tried to write it. What happened to my blog, as happens with so many others is that it had no focus.

cleaning up

If your intent of keeping a blog is to share your diary with the world, do THAT! If you want to be known for your random thoughts, daily log, and cool views of the world, then that is your blog theme. Be good at doing that.

However understand, like I had to learn for myself, that your blog isn’t going to be the top blog in the world. For me, when I first got started blogging, that was just fine. When I wrote only for the sake of keeping an online diary, I didn’t care who read my blog. I didn’t write to make money. I did this for me. I own that carefree style. However I started to need more from my blogging career and that meant I needed to clean up and shape up my blog.

What do you want from blogging?

When you want to get serious about blogging you need to ask yourself some hard questions. Sometimes you might not like the answers. What exactly do you want your blogging to do for your life? Are you writing just to make money? Are you a blogger who wants to be famous? Do you really have time to devote to a blogging career?

When you start to narrow down what you want from blogging, you can define your blog better.

What is your blogging passion?

If your passion is to write about birds, write about birds. But if you start a Mommy blog and your passion is to write about birds. You have the wrong blog. You will write, and you will do your best, but you will not fall in love with your articles if you don’t love what you do. Your blog will fail.

I am asked all the time to write about things that are out of my comfort zone. I’ve been asked to write travel pieces, parenting advice for things I don’t know anything about, and many other themes that I struggle with. When I write for professional reasons, I put on a different hat. I do my job, I do it the best that I can. But when I write my best pieces, I write from deep in my core.

Who do you blog for?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. There is no right or wrong answer. But it will help you to focus on what importance blogging has to you. When you are trying to clean up your blogging act and you don’t have any idea who you are blogging for, you will just end up making another mess.

I write for myself. I am very emotional, I cry sometimes as I write, and I serve up my posts from the heart. I write for the fact that if I don’t write, it gets bottled up in me and I am miserable. However, through blogging I have found that there are others who are searching for the words that match their feelings. I have found people going through grief who nod their heads with each word because they too understand the weight of my thoughts. I’ve written about breaking up with someone you love because you are toxic when you are together and found that even though I thought I was alone, I’m not. I write to music because I feel myself dancing in my creative frenzy and music sets my words free. I know who I write for. I am feelings blogger.

Navigate towards your star.

Your blog will change. You will find your passion. You will read so many blogs and take away from each one of them something that you want to change about your own blog. Accept change and request feedback so you can let your blog evolve into something beautiful.

When defining yourself as a blogger you will be asked all the time to describe your blog and that’s one of the most empowering moments of your blogging career. When you can voice exactly what your blog is about and what readers will come to expect from it, then you know you have created something worth reading and sharing with the world.

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  1. I started blogging because we got a camera and I wanted to share my pictures- it has become a lot more to me than that and I am surprised and proud of myself that I am still going! [I have a bad habit of starting things and not finishing them] I realize my blog doesn’t have one “theme”, but I tend to stick to the same topics as well. I like the variety but I also like viewing themed blogs, as well!

  2. {thumb up}
    I’ve been starting varies year since my teen, writing about everything.
    This time, i tell myself, i have to settle down and focus only on one thing (or two:))

  3. It’s a process that pleases me and I am enjoying others blogs and growing from them. I like this post and grew from it. Thanks. I’ll follow you. Come see me and Brodie. He’s beautiful golden retriever, who I speak through. He’s polite and enjoys making kind political satire.

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