One of the biggest tips I have ever heard about writing is that you need read.  Reading gives you inspiration, guides, and it even will influence your style.  Reading helps to  expand your vocabulary and gives you a world of inspiration.  Anne E. Cunningham’s paper What Reading Does for the Mind explains that reading, in general, makes you smarter and keeps your brain firing as you age.

Reading reduces stress and increases your memory, who doesn't want that?  Writing for some is easy work.  We write daily because we need to get those words out of our heads.  But reading is also a habit that good writers need to keep up with. Reading is an active mental process that allows you to access parts of your brain that computers and television don't unlock.

Sure we all read daily, we scan through emails, texts, websites, the news, ect.  But how many of us actually commit to reading a book 30 minutes or more a day?  I have to admit that I have a hard time meeting this goal. I want to become a better writer, and yet I make up excuses not to exercise my brain.

challenge buttonNo more!  Today I am setting a goal.  30 minutes a day.  12 new books by this time next year.  No more excuses!

I am also challenging YOU to join me on this quest to read more and improve our brains.

Who is with me?

To make it more fun, Let's share the books we are reading and encourage each other to beat the excuses and read more.


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41 thoughts on “Reading to Write – Reading challenge”

  1. Here’s an idea. Go to a Goodwill Store and or Thrift shop, you can find very inexpensive paperbacks. I read many genres, but since I am a romance writer right now I read mostly romances. I love historical romances and young adult. Recent I read THE PAPER GODS and the sequel INK by Amanda Sun. Not historical by any means more to the paranormal contemporary. Not vampires or ghosts. I think you will like the setting and the young hero and heroine. I won’t tell you more, except they are easy and delightful reading. As for historical romance I read LADY IN ASHES about a woman funeral director in the middle 1800’s in England. This book has love and mystery! You might want to check out my blog at for other titles and/or maybe leave a comment about the blog. like or not.
    Sarina Rostek w/a Sadie Carrieri

  2. What a brilliant idea, I’m doing a creative writing degree as well as working full time. The assignments take every ounce of my energy and I’ll still supposed to find time to read to inform my wriitng. Right now, it’s the Heinneman book of African Women’s Writing, short stories, a couple of which I have to critique!

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  4. Ah, reading is so much fun!!! Books have always been closer to my heart than people have! 🙂
    I do manage to read books.. But I have to admit that ever since I started writing blogs and investing time in reading others’ posts, I’ve had to compromise on the book front! Where I usually read about 15-18 books a year easily, it has come down to about 10 🙁
    But it’s alright.. Reading posts is as much fun and I’m loving it just as much.. Sitting with a mug of tea and scrolling through the readers tab is satisfying 😀

      1. There are too many… I have to admit that Melissa at was my major inspiration for blogging! I loved that her life was so different from mine and we could connect through our posts!

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