The Batik Jumpsuit – Beauty is in the Girl

Okay, I seriously need this outfit. It looks great on her and WOW! I love the colors and the cut outs are adorable. It looks so breathable! The thing I hate about being a lovely lady with curves is that dresses either ride up under your boobs and make you look pregnant or they are a freaking tent with arm holes.

I love this!

The one things that makes this outfit and this woman stand out, isn’t the print. It is her confidence.  I love that she isn’t afraid of her body, she owns it.

So many of us, men and women, find ourselves standing in front of the mirror and hating what we see looking back at us.  We forget the struggles that some of us physically are going through, we forget the emotional reasons that we have put on a few pounds.  All we see is that we don’t measure up to the models wearing the clothes, the actors that we see, or the image that we believe we should strive to mold out bodies into.

I love this outfit and I love this girl.

What drew me to this article was that this beautiful woman’s photos were removed from Instagram when she, like thousands of other people on Instagram, posted a photo of herself and two other lovely young women.  The photos were not topless, nude, vulgar, or anything more than the typical photo of three beautiful women in bathing suits.

But she didn’t take it lightly. She stood up not only for herself and her fantastic body, but she raised her voice for all of us who don’t fit into the Barbie box. She shared her story, she went to battle for all of us… and she won.  Not only was her photo returned to Instagram, but she received national coverage of her story.

So please, go enjoy her blog and let her know that she is not alone.


Curves Become Her

So this is a post done for the blog Already Pretty where I am a guest contributor but I really wanted to share this outfit here!

I purchased this jumpsuit earlier in the year and the prints really reminded me of Batik prints which originate from the Malay and Southeast Asian culture. It’s kind of reminiscent of the Singapore Girl look – the Singapore Girl are what we call stewardesses who fly for Singapore Airlines.

Here are a few images of Batik patterns and the Singapore Girl uniform:

So when I saw this jumpsuit on, I thought it’d be a nice homage to the iconic Singapore Girl look with a twist of my own style and plus size silhouette.

jumpsuit :

black wedge heels : Rubi

statement earrings : Lovisa

So as I’ve mentioned before on the blog, I’m veering away from statement necklaces and instead on the…

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