Chasing the dream - the power of visualizing

One of the things I love most about writing and blogging is that I get the change to connect and meet other people who are also chasing their dreams.  We all start out with this one little spark, this dream that we think about in the middle of the night, this little firefly of goals, ideas and plans.

What we do with that spark is what changes us from Daydreamers to Dreamcatchers.

I love when I chat with people over Twitter or through the comments here on Dancing With Fireflies and they share their dreams, share what they are doing to create the life for themselves that their soul tells them they deserve. The one thing that I hear in common with people who have been successful at reaching their goals is that they all visualized what their end result would look like.

Visualizing your dream, fleshing it out in your mind, begin to “see” the possibility of achieving your goal, is one of the easiest steps anyone can take and doesn't cost you a penny.


My backyard


It wasn't so long ago that I would sit stare at the back yard.  It was a disaster and needed a lot of love. But I would sit and look at this back corner of the yard every day and think about what I thought it should look like.  My husband would come out and see me sitting on the ground looking at the yard and ask me what I was doing.  “Looking at the patio and trying to see where the firepit would go best.”

When he looked at it, he saw an overgrown bamboo mess, a place where the old pool use to sit.  He didn't see the patio.  So I would describe it to him in detail, the sitting area, the place for his BBQ and the parties we would have by the firepit at night with twinkling lights and music and the fireflies that would come to dance in the summer heat.

At the time we were struggling to raise a family, figure out how to get a new car, sometimes frustrated when the house would need a major repair and we weren't sure where the money would come from do to it.  When I needed to think, when I needed to find calm, I would go out to look at this space that I knew one day would be exactly what I knew it should be. I didn't say it would never happen.  I didn't say it was just a dream.   Instead I declared what we would do once it was there without doubt of it's existence.

A few years later, my husband and I sold that house and moved.  When we were getting ready to sell the house I stood there and looked at the patio, wondered who would be lighting the fires in the great fire pit that my husband had found.  I swept the leaves from the stone patio and smiled as I looked at the dream that I'd realized for this space.

Dare to dream big

The patio I'd dreamed about.


Sometimes taking steps towards your goal doesn't mean more than sitting there and accepting it as reality, believe in the dream no matter who else might not be able to see it the way you do.

What's your dream?  I'd love to hear it.  You can always find me on Twitter or leave a message for me here in the comments.

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