Stressed Out - Take time to focus on what you what or where you are going.

It has been one crazy spring.  I have been going on so many directions since April that I feel like I am stretched out!

Recently, I've been dealing with a health scare that has had me not only on my nerve's end, but seriously distracted. I've had a couple procedures that left me just feeling awful and honestly just scared.  While I was dealing with that, my sweet kitty had a heart attack and we had to kiss her to sleep through our tears.  While she might not be in any more pain, my heart just aches for her to curl up next to me and keep me warm.

Work started picking up. I've been asked to write more and do more publicizing. I love my work, but my mind is just not there. My momentum of moving towards my goal of being a writer and successful feels like it started moving faster than I could keep up.

The problem isn't that everything has come upon me at once.  Problems are always around. The issues that I face, and many of us often are guilty of, is that when things are good when things are going in a positive way, those little things just get addressed quickly and we move on. But when we stop the flow, when something comes along that stops the music, we start to see the negative as more than what they really are.

Life was moving along pretty smoothly for a while.  I was cruising along and then the news came that someone I used to be close to had died. I paused to grieve, to accept, and to try to find my feet when my Father died unexpectedly and again I paused, this time I think I took longer and I focused heavily on the loss, the unanswered dreams, and that's when things started to snag.

It's alright to acknowledge life has hit a traffic jam.  Accept it for what it is, refocus on where you want to go, and either ride it out OR plot a new route. You don't have to try too hard to find your focus.

Write down  your goals someplace you can see them daily.

Allow yourself to move forward without guilt.

Where you are right now is where you are supposed to be, right now. You might not like it, but there is something to learn, something to move through in order to become who you are meant to be.

Don't let your emotions keep you from going backwards or standing still. Maybe you need to slow down and absorb all of the sights and sounds of where you are at this moment. There is no judgement in taking time to refocus and find your true task for today.

Today set your intention to stop struggling and to start to find your way back to finding your destination.

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2 thoughts on “Stressed Out – Taking back focus”

  1. Oh my heart reaches out to you!!! It has been a tough phase for you indeed… But I hope everything will be alright… That you will find your feet again… That you will smile and laugh with no heart ache!

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