I really like to look through the blogs of my Followers.  I actually do take time to look through the list of bloggers, I read your latest posts, and I try to comment or like the posts that speak to me. I even like to share your posts on Twitter.

Recently, I've fallen in love with Instagram.  I am still an Instagram Newbie though.  So when I see you have shared your Instagram link, I love to follow and check out those cool photos you like to share.

Here are 5 of my recent favorites.  Check them out!

Patrick Latter's Hiking Photos –  I loved looking through his photography. The scenes are so inspirational to get out there and be a part of nature.  His work is amazing.  He has such talent with catching the perfect shot.  He also has tips and a link to purchase prints.  And you can also find him on Instagram!

Cheryl Moore's Unbound Boxes Limping Gods is an eclectic collection of poetry and stories.  She has incredible illustrations and a very inspiring story of finding her way to greatness and following her own spark to becoming who she was meant to be.

Make-up and Mirtazapine  is a cute blog about living with depression and complex post-traumatic stress disorder; make-up and mirtazapine. She also write about love, life, the pursuit of happiness, and food… all my favorite things.  I really like her open talk about living with depression.  I really believe that the more people talk about what it is really like to live with depression, the easier it is for the next generations to be able to identify and even get help for themselves before they struggle.

The Flexi Foodie is so Fabulous!  I love the recipes and inspiration to get moving. I am currently drooling over her recipe for Almond Tofu Curry. I just love Julie Montagu.  She's adorable and makes me want to go dig out my yoga mat.

World-Street is fun, quirky, and is one of my go-to blogs to read on long car rides.  World-Street is full of magic and photography, and sometimes on his blog those things come together to create a fantastic spark that I like to check out on dark nights. There's everything from whales to city streets.  I love these photos so much.


What are your new favorite blogs? Share them!


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