Blogging Rules - 5 Things You Must Do Before You Press Sumbit on Your Blog

As bloggers, we get excited about the things we write and all too often we rush to hit publish before we are really ready to go.

Before you publish your next blog post, make sure you've done these 5 things to ensure your blog is successful!

Proofraed   Proofread!

It never fails, I read my work, even hit spellcheck, and it isn't until I read it on my blog that I spot an error. It drives me crazy. However, it happens to the best of us. I like to make it a habit of proofreading and then rereading it again.

Set Your Featured Image

I love scrolling through blogs.  But it is always the blogs with the catchy featured image that keep my attention.

Make sure your featured image has something related to your article. Often I've found blogs that have a catchy picture but the words fail to live up to the image.

I LOVE using PicMonkey to edit my images. PicMonkey photo editor is amazing.

People love photos and they want to relate to your blog through your photos. So make sure your photos are actually working for you. Edit them, make sure your photos have your URL imbedded and you have something unique.

Be Pinterest Friendly

Either you love Pinterest or you hate it.  Either way, Pinterest is here to stay. So making sure you have a pinnable image is crucial to drawing new readers to your blog.

When readers are searching through Pinterest and your image pops up, you want to make sure they know what the article is about and your blog name is easy to find.


Make sure you are using as many tags as possible. You want readers to be able to find your article and not have it buried by other bloggers who know how to make the best use out of keywords and tagging everything.

I like to make sure my post is in the right category, tag everything, and preview to see how it looks before I do anything else.

Social Media Sharing

Once you hit submit, your blog is released like tiny butterflies out to the internet and you hope that someone out there is waiting with a net.  Social Media is that net that everyone is using. So if you aren't linking your blogs to Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, ect.  you are losing chances to be seen.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Press Publish Unless You Do These 5 Things”

  1. I appreciate your first tip, you need to proofread! I also do this after spellchecking because spellcheck does not capture everything. Spellcheck loves to correct my last name making it incorrect. It does have its good points,

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